Buff Infected (Slightly)

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What your suggestion is: Increase the base speed of infected jobs. It is too easy to buy adrenaline or have CG Speed, along with the knock back of some weapons. Nothing massive, just to the point that it's faster than adrenaline shot or CG speed.
Maybe increase the attack speed of the sweps that are used for infected as a majority of people have regen and it is quite hard to hit people down when they're strafing, with regen and running away with a knockback weapon.

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Infected in events are severely under powered unless put in the perfect situation causing it to be repeated every time there's an infected event making them repetitive and boring as fuck.

With the new shield buff it is going to be a lot harder to knock it off as well which makes being EC dogshit. Have one swep which is quicker and lower damage and another swep which is higher damage and slower which should be given out by EP's when needed to create more EC's, overall there needs to be a damage buff and attack speed buff like geovani said.

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A buff is REALLY needed for the infected, they are infected so it makes sense to make it harder to kill the undead.

Maybe buff their melee weapon and speed to make it fun for players in last stands and make it so the EP doesn't have to spam 20 shadow virus per second and give them rakghoul sweps etc.

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As Bronze said with the recent shield buff the infected are getting even more destroyed in last stands, which in return makes people not want to change to infected after they die, because they know they are going to get absolutely shit on by most of the frontline regiments, so a buff to the speed and damage would really help infected to be able to kill someone instead of just hitting them once into the shield and deal like 20 damage to it and then die, which isn't fun by any means. Even in the cases when the EP's give out the zombie swep, it is still kinda shit as the hit reg for it is pretty bad and you litteraly need to have perfect tracking, if you even want to hit them (also an intersting thing the range of both of the sweps is so small, that if the crouch you can't hit them from standing, but I am not sure if this changed).

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Good idea, will be implemented to the infected job.

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