Add missing server content to current workshop content pack

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What your suggestion is: After trial and error, I have found the following addon links that when downloaded and applied, remove the vast majority of errors from my game. I narrowed it down to these four addons which are likely in the server but all are absent from the current 2021 content pack. This is somewhat crucial for new players as some important props like holocrons rely on these addons. These addons are absent from the "2021 Werwolf Gaming Star Wars RP Content" collection.

Scriptfodder/workshop link:

Any additional information:
I'm not too confident on the third link, I have suspicions based on the fact that my console outputted missing models from the same creator.

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Im very sure most of these propacks were removed from the server due to space and they haven't yet probably removed from the actual server.

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Sure, If they are already on the server then sure. Pretty sure the Sci-Fi Props got removed though but idk


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Just to reiterate, these are addons already in the server that have been removed from a previous content pack. These will not need to be added to the server, but are already in the server and spawnable. Used in many dupes around the server. I have come into contact with some Jedi that found spawned props such as jedi books spawn as errors. Clearly there is a mismatch between the current content pack and the server's addons.

I actually traced back errors logged in my client's console from the server when I encountered a missing model, these are the addons I believe the server has. Of course, from the perspective of someone with access to the server's filesystem and mounted addon list, one could find out which of these is missing and add them to the content pack, but these are the ones I have narrowed it down to.

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Lewis will look into updating his content pack for the server

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All content that needed to be added, has be added now.

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