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Flight deck acces

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What your suggestion is:
CE should be added to the flight deck. because CE flies the ship and repairs all the necessary systems.
Scriptfodder/workshop link:
Any additional information:
The map i am talking about is The Venator Extensive

Editor note: CE SO+ would also be good because there is a hyperspace button


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Simply not needed, if needs be Battalion/HC can grant you in to do something. Possibly MOD for the cannons but there's like 3 events on that map a year. I also don't trust some people that join the regiment to be there.

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-1 just not needed the is nothing up there at requires CE SO to have permant access to if your needed up there then ask a battalion

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If you need the doors of the venator to be opened, just ask Battalion to open it. Don't get me wrong but the flight deck was always Battalion area and I don't see anything wrong with that + The venator is operated by Battalion and not CE, so I will prefere if only Battalion could press those buttons in it.

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It is not the job of CE to put the venator into hyperspace. There is no common reason to be needing access there and having so many buttons that can cause problems up there, we prefer to limit the people who can go up there. 

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