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My UN-WARN app ( i have no clue were to post a Un-warn and i was told to post it here)

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I was told to use unbad as a unwarn "forum" so im using this

Server you got banned from: SCPRP

Your name in-game: PVT Baggins

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:154265594 

Admins' name that Warned you: Drake watcher

Admin's steamID:  STEAM_0:1:173037592  
Why did you get Warned ?:  x3 Rdm aginst CI


Why do you deserve to be un-Warned?: As ive said to the admin who warned me i think this is a false warn due to:
-I was not the person who started the "Battle"
-I was not the person who cuffed anyone to start the "killing"
-I was following the rules during and after the battle
-not important but i think even the admins had secound thoughts about it

Anything else? I found the whole admin sit to be unprofessional due to their being five people in the sit at the same time and i was not able to tell my side of the story, I was simply warned and left with a warn that i belive i did not commit

i will also insure that all questions will be awnserd

This is what happend:

I was at GA trying to protect it and keep people from entering. Like people that were not suppost to do so. And i was at the Blue door right outside GA talking to 2 Police officers telling them to leave the the place as it was millitary controlled and that we did not need them to enter, They wanted to enter due to their being a kindnapping i think... And they wanted to enter and check the place out. I showed them the documents and told them to leave as the 75th ranger regiment had it under control.

But they refused to leave and read the documents, then they started talking about knowing about the O5 and that was confusing to me as they were cops (aparantly they were CI, But ofc i did not know that) 

Right after that i checked my camera that i had place outside the blue door and saw a person in military clothes move up to the blue door wanting to come inside. And the rest of the "cops" returned to the door with the guy, He showed his ID being an Alpha 1 to everyone including the "cops" that were their and some MCND guy but i dident know he was MCND. So the other NU7 in next to me started to cuff the "alpha 1"
I do not truly know why he did but still i have a thought about it.

Right after he was cuffed someone started shooting i dont even know why it happend but it did happen i was forced to help out my Nu7 "squad mates" and i moved out into the main subway to try to stop the shooting but before i could even say anything i was shot and my nu7 freind was also shot by someone. after i was shot i defended and tried to save my nu7 freinds i ended up killing the 3 Aparent CI

(this is not all of the "story" somethings are a bit fuzzy due to me not writing this as it happend so some small things may have been left)

But i dont know why during the admin sit i was not able to tell my side of the story...  



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I mean, if you or anyone else has a recording of the incident, it can be cleared easily and quickly.

Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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As the person who gave out the warn, I'll explain what you've done.
Just as a note, I was right there watching the whole thing happen.

2 CI walks up to blue door and tries to talk with Nu-7. They say something like "We want to talk with your superiors". Then the Delta comes in with an A-1 disguise, Nu-7 opens the door and A-1 shows their ID.
Nu-7 PFC decides to detain the A-1 , he fails to do so and shoots the A-1.
Then you jump out and kill everyone in the subway, including the MC&D Salesman who did absolutely nothing wrong.  All I could see from the logs was you killing 3 people.

On 6/28/2021 at 11:26 PM, Big Buster said:

I found the whole admin sit to be unprofessional due to their being five people in the sit at the same time

Maybe its because you decided to RDM 3 people with your Nu-7 friend? I only brought the 2 CI that got RDMd and the MC&D Salesman who switched to CI after he got RDMd. Other CI is Norra and I didn't even bring him there.

Also next time you decide to make an appeal, you might want to post some evidence.

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