Unban request (because last one was not good)

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I got banned from the server SCP-RP.

My in name game was henk_69.

My SteamID: 76561198272352876 

My Steam profile URL: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198272352876/

Admins' name that banned you: i do not know this information.

Admin's steamID: i do not know this information.

Why did you get banned?: i do not know this information.

Evidence(Un-necessary): well i dont realy have evidence why i got banned.

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: i was not playing on that day that i got banned and no admin said anything to me the day before so i asume i did not do anything wrong.

Anything else?: i got banned on june 30 and that day i was at work until 17:00.

Ban screenshot.png

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15 hours ago, Henk_69 said:

i got banned on june 30 and that day i was at work until 17:00.

In fact you got banned after your working time(21:54 PM), so stuff doesn't really add up.  Maybe you should go ahead and confess.

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21 minutes ago, Henk_69 said:

How did i get banned after my working time look at the screen shot sir1528482242_Banscreenshot.thumb.png.5a152b868d3ab66c5085b40473e1949a.png

My bad, I read it as 21 PM. However still doesn't add up if you have been banned for MassRDM+LTAP

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Well i dont remeber killed a few people the days before but that was with a reason so maybe thats why? And what is LTAP.

And do i have a chance of a unban or not?

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  1. What is your Timezone? - as the Time which ULX shows does not account for Timezone it is in British Time
  2. You were banned because you killed 5 people all aftereachother ( apprently without a Reason )
  3. LTAP means Left to avoid Punishment, which means you left the Server to avoid the Sit.

I have seen multiple cases now where someone killed multiple person and then left the Server, then getting punished with LTAP, this is invalid due to the fact that in theses cases there is no evidence of RDM nor LTAP since the accused Player is unable to explain why they have done what they have done ( and LTAP can only apply if the Player knew he was breaking a Rule or is in Sit) and I think this may be the case for you aswell.

If you were not in a Sit I would judge the Ban was invalid (As killing 5 people after eachother is not actually evidence of RDM without futher context) , but is it not my job to decide on the matter.

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