Gates 3rd unban request

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My In-Game name: Gate

STEAMID:  Steam ID: 76561198418678868

Steam Name: Gate

What is the reason for your ban: "doxxing"

How long were you banned for: perma

Name of the staff member who banned you: no clue

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned:  Because i did not intend to "dox" them like ive said before and saying i didnt know it was doxxing, a perma was a bit harsh but i cant remember if i tried to get unbanned the last time or a reduced time in which i said " i dont think i should be unbanned but" and they used that against me completely turning a blind eye to what else i had said. Tbh i would say it was a bit childish in response to something that will decide if im staying banned or not but i cant talk as the last time i was being toxic and i admit that so of course the last one wouldn't be  accepted  but i still stand by that i dont agree about this ban or even the length of this ban and ive said it before if someone on the discord had message me and asked about it i do think it woulda just been a couple of months. But at the end of the day i was banned and i dont even know what they said to the staff because keep in mind these people didnt like me and you know yourself if u dont like someone your not tell the truth in there favour, im not using that as an excuse im just tryna show how my my point of view it didnt seem right i  wasnt contacted on discord but its done now but i still think i deserve a second chance as it was months ago now and i  know i generally didnt mean it but its there word against mine and im just tryna get my view on it and how i think its unfair.

Evidence: none 


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This just comes off as more of a rant about your last appeal than an attempt at appealing your ban.
Reason for your ban sounds lousy but post itself could have been written better

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+1 this situation about the whole doxing thing is stupid i know about the story of why he was perma banned and at the time gate had Taboo on Instagram and showed people a picture of him (doxing) search for and publishing private information. 
This information that Gate had was not in no way private information as taboo followed Gate on Instagram making that information public to him if Taboo had a problem with gate showing the cg group all he had to do was ask him to delete it problem solved this is not a matter of doxing as the issue could've been handled with more care and this to me is just a case of the admins and staff being bais towards gate and was a very unfair ban especially to have a outcome of a perma ban.  +1

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free my guy gate


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No Thanks. And Thanks for Telling Me of Your Forum Account, of Which is Now Banned.

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