Nathan Kennedy

Time For Revolution!!

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Good afternoon, this is a public announcement from the Black Knights.

As you have seen from our recent actions we have been making our presence clear across Area 11 and the city you call Ovis. It is time for the Italians to rise up. Long ago Area 11 used to be called Italy and it was a beautiful country, we led the world in food culture. Our history was pure and we the cultural icon of Europe.

But that all changed in 2021. It was the Euroes. A tournament like no other. The Britannian Empire had been making it way through the tournament with the subtlety of an Ogre. They made young girls cry, blinded goalies and they cheated to no end. We were Europes last hope. We were the ones who had to beat them.  It was not an easy game and we were able to win with a mix of luck and great teamwork. All of Europe was behind us. 

But the Empire wasn't having it. First their fans attacked many innocent Italian Families. Before long it was full invasion. No one expected it and they had us all in 6 years. My family. Gone My children. Gone My pizza. Gone. They made us eat fish and chips for every meal. We were powerless.


But now we strike back!

We will take back what is rightfully ours!

Death to Britannia! A land of cheaters!


I am here to launder money

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