CanOfTango reports Kabasch Cashew

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Your name in-game: Matthew M Murdock
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:89728997
Admin's you report name: Kabasch Cashew
Admin's you report SteamID: STEAM_0:1:147357128
Why do you want him demoted?: I was playing as SCP 913 and I was in my CC when someone came to open my cell I ran at them and took a few bites but I didnt ever leave they where in my reach distance. When the guard pulled out a weapon I ran to the other side of the cell. The researcher and guards where talking to me and one of them said out of character that I was Fail RPing because I knew id get teleported back even though i never teleported because I didnt actually leave. When I insisted I didnt leave I got told to shut up and warned for lying in an admin sit and i firstly wasn't lying and secondly I was never taken out of my CC and no one entered so I had no idea that I was even in an admin sit as i was never told so id like the warn removed if possible and kabasch to be demoted 
Evidence: I dont have my shadow play but I would think logs shows teleporting from my cell and can show that after I attacked I wasn't teleported till after the warn was given and a lot of people in ooc chat where saying that he was abusing and at least should have informed me i was in a "sit" as it was never made clear to me .

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had the wrong number for the scp
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39 minutes ago, CanOfTango said:

I got told to shut up

I never told you in any way to shut up.


What happened, an E-11 reported him when he was playing as SCP-913 for failbreaching, he has attacked a B-7 that was outside the containment chamber running away. To somehow check what actually happened I went to the player combat logs and inspected the combat, he was outside his CC as he has bitten the B-7. I then asked him why he had bitten him outside his CC, he responded with "I weren't outside my CC". After I heard that I warned him for "Failbreaching - Runs out of his CC to harm a B-7 as 913 and then lies about it in a staff sit." since I could clearly see in the logs that he was standing outside his CC at the time of the combat being instigated.

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Yeah, so here's the thing, you still did attack someone outside your cc which counts as a rulebreak.

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