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Perma-banned with no reason? (I'm level 10 with no prior warns)

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Your In-game name: Igor Smith

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:614575121


Reason of the ban: no reason given

Date you were banned on: 18/07/21

Duration of ban: perma

Admin who banned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): not given


Explain the situation of your ban from your point of view in detail: I was standing around in EZ with some IT techs and I had to disconnect to go do a thing quick (so no one would RDM me) and I try to log on and are met with a perma-ban? There is no reason given and I have done nothing but follow the rules, I'm level 10 and only have 1 hour on the server, I have never RDM'd or failRP'd. I was also not warned for anything

Why should you be unbanned: I have literally not done anything, I was banned with no reason



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11 hours ago, The reckoning of Freddy Fazbear said:

how was I evading?

Playing on an alt or something I presume

Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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As stated by someone else, I was the one to ban you for using an alt account to ban evade.

I'm just here to explain what happened and why you got banned.
So basically, there were 3 IT technicians with one of them including you.



For a little while you and these group of IT technicians were being watched carefully due to being potential alt accounts by me and other staff currently on at the time.
Reason of this being:
     - Your pings being very similar to each other

     - Both being Level 10 and IT technicians 
     - You guys were mostly next to each other
     - All 3 of IT technicians accounts, including yours, were either privated or completely new (I believe your account was the completely new one)

     - Behaviour of these people were very strange and very mingy 

As we continued watching you guys for rule breaks, Harland perma-banned Jim Bedson for Ban-Evading/Having an Alt Account and immediately after this, both you and Ronaldinho left the server (Disconnected by user). I then was quick to point this out to the staff members and after some time, I was told to ban both you and Ronaldinho for Ban-Evading/Having an Alt Account.

In my opinion i don't believe "I was standing around in EZ with some IT techs and I had to disconnect to go do a thing quick (so no one would RDM me)" as you were quick to leave after Jim was permanently banned and disconnecting in order to not get RDMed sounds very silly



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so you "assumed" I was an alt, not confirmed. I admit I was in contact with the other IT via steam DM's but this was my first time on the server and I guess they were trying to use me as I was new and didn't really know anything. 

As for the new account I lost my old account via a discord scam bot

Also I was not minging, I stood around in EZ due to the event happening at the time. Also i am very accustomed to getting RDM'd very constantly in Gmod, so when I afk I always just disconnect, its just what I do

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If you had a sixth-sense that you were going to be RDM'd, why not just stay on the server and let it happen? It's another way to get rid of another rule-breaker on the server. I get it if you disconnected to go do something, but because you didn't want to be RDM'd? C'mon.

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12 minutes ago, The reckoning of Freddy Fazbear said:

I knew I was going to be gone for like 20 mins so I disconnected, the RDM thing was an after thought

So you've just made an excuse by saying that you left so you wouldn't be RDM'd, but then you miraculously take into account that you MIGHT be RDM'd after the fact, so that constitutes as a valid reason for leaving? Even though the initial reason might be something entirely different? 

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