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Name: Mask 

Country Of Origin: United Kingdom 

How Well Do You Speak English: I speak English fluently, Its my first language

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:564456782

In Game Name: James J Johnson / Masky

Age: 18

Playtime: 13hrs

Rank: Platinum VIP

Do You Have A Microphone: Yes

I Do Have Teamspeak: Yes

Why should we pick you: 

A few reasons why you should pick me are my dedication, whilst my hours are low on the server, I have the fullest intention to be a daily member of this community, I was Head Admin and Management on a CWRP and ImperialRP server by the name of Sentinel Collective, I have plenty of experience on the staff side of things with well over 700+ hours of staffing time on GMOD, I genuinely enjoy playing on the SCP-RP server and would love to help it continue to grow and maintain and steady player base by ensuring those who go against the rules of the server do not impede the experience of first time players. 

Having been Head Admin on previous servers, I understand what it takes to be a good member on a staff team and I always strive to be the best I can be for the players before anything else, I am confident in admin sits and have dealt with disruptive people before, my experience is my biggest selling point, I worked from player to head admin over time and in my time at the top was able to create one of the best functioning staff systems I could with an interview process, revising and reworking the rules and regulations of the servers with candidate picking processes and extensive trial periods, its important as a member of a staff team to be one and united and working all for the same cause that being the betterment of the players experience. 


How Long Will I Be Able To Play For Daily: It can range from a few hours during the week up to  12+ on weekends.

Any previous experience: Head Admin on Sentinel Collective and Trial Admin on GFL ( Left to take up head admin at SC ) 

Any Warns: No 


Do You Know What SCP-RP Is About? : SCP-RP is based on the SCP Foundation and gives GMOD players a chance to roleplay within the world of the SCP's, a fun place for fans of the franchise to RP together. Although the majority of the jobs on the server are to do with the foundation, there are a few above ground jobs for those looking to change things up a little. On the topic of the foundation, players choosing the be researchers engage in RP based scenarios created mostly between themselves and those playing the SCP, this can range from testing on D-Class ( Primarily built up of death row inmates ) to a simple conversation with the likes of 0-49. Some of the other jobs such as 'Hammer Down' or 'Nine-Tailed-Fox are security based jobs, Hammer Down is primarily responsible for Internal Security whereas Nine-Tailed-Fox is a containment unit, this allows for SCP players to have a realistic-type approach to what would happen in an SCP Breach.

SCP-RP works best when players have an extensive knowledge of the universe and this allows for the players experience to be just that bit better, allowing for RP that in a sense does not stop as if a player decides they want to switch jobs, they can and continue the RP scenarios in a different way. 


Do you understand the rules of SCP-RP? : I have gone through the rules and believe I have a good understanding of what would be expected of me. The basic rules such as RDM, MRDM, NLR and Metagaming are easy enough to see and take action with.





I know my hours are low compared to others but i believe i can help the server in a way many other could not, i hope you consider me and i am more than happy to hear any feedback you have for my app.


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2 hours ago, Maskk17 said:

Besides that, is there any other feedback you would be willing to give? 

Your application is underdetailed, have a look at other staff applicants (that have been accepted) and take some ideas from there. Other than that make yourself a more known person


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First off, I recommend you stick to the default template instead of making one of your own as you have missed adding a question

23 hours ago, Maskk17 said:

Playtime: 13hrs


- No clue who you are so am unable to know if you can be trusted, especially due to the extremely low playtime

- Didn't add this question to your app

- Play and get more known on the server
- Use default template instead of typing up your own to make sure you don't miss questions and the obvious minimum requirement that are stated next to the questions

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