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F-187 Fusion Cutter small buff

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What your suggestion is: To give a small, yet interesting buff to F-187 Fusion Cutter

Scriptfodder/workshop link: This item already exist in game

Any additional information: Idea for the change is simple, that F-187 Fusion Cutter will deal damage at close distance against other player (damage equal to the fists), It would give subtle touch of realism and be used in specific situations

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The Fusion cutter is not a weapon, it's equipment used to repair vehicles. You can just use the fists instead or use a blaster. Also the amount of accidental FF that could happen when repairing vehicles is going to be insane.

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Really isnt needed as when is CE gonna go frontline with a fusion cutter, a blaster is more efficient and long range.

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Nah cheif I don't wanna be done in a Call of Duty way by getting fusion cuttered to death by a god damn droid, even so it is an absolutely pointless update. If I were to see you ran at ECs tring to fusion cutter them to death, I would not be very happy as Battalion and probably tell you in the bebrief to not do that ever again.

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Seems pretty stupid. Will encourage more HP rushing and friendly fire, not a needed change.


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