Give regimental Medics and Arc regimental weapons.

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What your suggestion is:
Give the medics and Arc of a regiment a weapon from that regiment. This would be a weapon that the rest of the regiment would get at NCO anyway. This way they are part of the regiment instead just having their name. For example 501st. They get a shotgun at NCO and this is what they are known for. So why do medics and arc have to ask for it everytime. i have made a list of what i believe needs to be added to these roles.

DU: Shield
501st: Shotgun

The other regiments don't get their EQ at NCO, already have it like CG shields  or get a upgrade at later ranks. So giving them this Equipment as a base loadout would not work.

Scriptfodder/workshop link:
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Any additional information:
Offcourse this is not essential, because 98% of the time there is staff to give weapons. But is would make sense to give them this and it just makes it easier. 

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Doesn't hurt to call staff. And with the new loadouts I have seen DU use either the shield or minigun same with 501st with shotgun and minigun

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The reason is to not make ARC and Medics too powerful, because I think you can imagine how strong a 501st ARC or Medic would be with all of SO equipment, or CG and DU with all of their equipment. The CG gets those riot shields and other of their equipment because they need to use for not combat oriented tasks like: arrests, riots etc. The same way that other regiments that aren't fully combat oriented,  get some of their equipment aswell, so they can still do those task without having to fill their 1 choosable equipment slot for it. Usually it only happens rarely that you don't receive your weapon you have asked for as you said, even so this isn't that big of a deal as every and I mean every clone job starts with some kind of weapons, even if it is the basic dc-15a it is still a weapon you can use and kill with.

In the case of 212th I understand you but even so the ARCs and Medics can do they job just fine even without most of their explosive equipment, even thought you can only use 1 of them you can still clear entire waves of ECs or greatly damage them in one click with just that 1 explosive equipment you have if you aim it (or/and time it) correctly. So I will have to say no to this one aswell.

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They don't spawn with weapons as they are only allowed to pick 1 of their regimental equipment, if they spawned with equipment already it would be forcing them to use that equipment instead of giving them the choice. 


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