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What your suggestion is: Fixing Some Things Making Being An EC More Fun.

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Any additional information:
There are 2 annoying things that always happen when you play as EC that are bound to happen to you if you want to play EC which in turn makes you not want to play EC anymore.

One of them is getting shit on with flamethrowers and if you are unlucky enough u have 1 Wookie chieftain on, if you are very unlucky you have 2 Wookies and 2 Wookie chieftains.

[Wookie Section] 

Wookies are annoying as fuck, simple way to put it and straightforward, Wookie Chieftains especially. I understand that they are a paid for job but seriously, having around 1.2k or something like that is a bit over the top, especially when there can be 2 on when they both have max regen shield (not including how op their weapons and ships are).

When a Wookie Chieftain has max regen, 1.2k HP, increased jump height, a crazy damage shotgun, a crazy damage bowcaster, a sword which is insane but there is no point using since you have fists that can knock-out Mike Tyson in one punch  and a grapplehook you are next to unstoppable unless your a pissed off person who has ulx, give yourself a rocket launcher and shoot him a couple times and hope to kill him, or most of the EC's focus them which causes the rest of the server be able to push through the place you were trying to defend and that is only one Wookie chieftain. Now try to imagining 2 Wookie chieftains with that insane load out and then 2 Wookies with a less insane load out but still very effective pushing 9 -10 EC's, you would think that they would die but in reality that just doesn't happen. Their regen stops most of the shots and then you have to chip off a lot of HP by getting most of the EC's to focus them making the republic be able to push through way to easy. In simple terms for people who don't want to read that 4 Wookies Can Be More Effective Than A Regiment.

A simple fix would be make it that Wookies cannot buy any regen shield which does make sense, they do not wear armour like Jedi and the Jedi do not have regen shield but Wookies are able to have regen shield. I'm fine with them having that HP since they have "strong hides" or some shit but I highly doubt they are able to regenerate their hides in the same space it takes for republic technology to regenerate shields. Also limiting the amount of people that could be on the Wookie Chieftan job at one time from 2 to 1. All you have to do is change how many people can go on one job which anyone on the server could do if they watch a youtube video on it and implement a rule to be enforced by staff saying that it is Fail RP for Wookies to have regen shield.

[Flamethrower Section]

Before some of you think this is a dig at 21st it isn't I am only talking about the flamethrower, if I had access to a flamethrower I would do the exact same shit.

Flamethrowers are horrendous, you get a red screen which is already bad enough but that happens with every weapon and then you get this terrible, epileptic seizure causing effect that makes you not be able to see a single thing. On top of that it does damage insane damage to you and causes your screen to shake like mad. If I wanted this to happen to me I would take off my glasses try read a license plate from 100 meters away while my friend is shaking me vigorously and another person is pouring hot sauce into my eyes.

The "nerf" that was done to counteract the problem with flamethrowers before really did fuck all, the flamethrower does an insane amount of damage, makes you blind so you don't even know where to shoot to stop them setting you on fire and this vicious cycle keeps happening until you respawn and find another person with a flamethrower to do the exact same thing to you and this happens for the rest of the event and just ruins your time as an EC.


Just these 2 fixes would make EC so much more enjoyable, people won't get as sick of being an EC. EP's will get EC's a lot more quicker, events will be a lot more enjoyable since you don't have 4 Wookies ruling over everything or a fuck load of flamethrowers shitting on you or both(which is possibly the worst thing to happen to you on EC). The basic order won't be 21st do a flame push over and over again and battalion would actually have to use different orders and won't rely on one very op tactic.

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Yes pleasee

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EC is shit and theres nothing EP's can do about it

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Flamethrower always been most OP weapon and still is out of regiments in my opinion 

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+1 as a avid wookie chieftain enjoyer I do have to agree that the wookie jobs are quite bullshit with their hp. With regen however you sometimes will get it after being shot without ever having to buy it so warning a wookie with regen due to this bug is a bit questionable as is. Also the wookie sword doesn't work for the chieftain so might as well remove it and replace it with the fists. Nerfing the damage on the fists is quite unneeded since as a wookie you are way stronger than your average boxer, a simple nerf of hp should fix the fists as well.
However its rare to find 4 people to play as wookies but a change is needed. 
Flamethrowers are annoying as hell to fight against both as clone and EC, more as a EC than as a clone.

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I agree, Wookie should not be allowed Shield just as Jedi Can't.

As for the flamethrower it makes your screen constantly red and annoying. Basically making it impossible to really see anything.



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I do agree that wookie chieftans, just straight up shit on ECs as they have more hp that RC and the jump boost allows them to litteraly just hop out of danger, with out needing to switch to a grappling hook.

I am just gonna say this straight fuck the flamethrowers. In an event the flamethrower is the only weapon that just makes me dread on the inside, when I see it pulled out. I don't have a problem with the fact that it makes you practically blind, but I think that the duration of this effect is just too long and the damage is just a salt in the wound to all of this.

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As an avid Flamethrower enjoyer, i will admit the blind effect is cancerous. The point of it was to emulate the sensation of burning alive and not being able to concentrate back when the Flamethrower did very little damage and was just there to throw off people in CQC. The "nerf" gave it a very limited ammo capacity but made it deal an extreme amount of damage which was a good change in my opinion. However, i can understand the hell that the effect makes and how it no longer really has a point when the FT does so much damage now so i would be fully on board with the removal of the siezure effect as long as we can keep the damage. Otherwise it would be utterly useless.

On 8/5/2021 at 9:13 PM, Clopter said:

The basic order won't be 21st do a flame push over and over again and battalion would actually have to use different orders and won't rely on one very op tactic

This is our one job outside of flanking which also normally includes flame pushing btw.  We're used to break stalemates and lead the rest of the GAR into areas which more often than not results in most of our deaths. It would be a bit naff for the regiment if we were basically phased out of our main job since flanking can be a very situational tactic.

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We are looking at nerfing some of the more OP weapons / jobs.

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