Foundation Personnel Profile: Leopold Witek

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Leopold Witek

Leopold Witek, 24, is a Male of European descent born in Sulęcin, Poland who moved with his family to Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales at a young age. His education, whilst not as spectacular as his family claim, combined with his personality and hobbies make him an ideal candidate in regards to working with computers, research, document creation and psychology. This is partly due to his A-Level education in College in the areas of English Language, ICT and Sociology.

Incident LWCL0-1-A
Glyn Ceiriog, Wales
2:42 pm

A mail delivery to the wrong address led to the accidental discovery of an instance of SCP-360 by Leopold, leading to the deployment MTF Alpha-4 "Pony Express" to his home after he posted a picture of the contents on a public server on 'Discord' with his friends, asking what it means and why he got it. It is noted that Leopold is an Athiest and felt no compulsion to follow the instructions or complete the contents of SCP-360. The server was purged of any and all messages over the past hour, and members of said server were located and given Class-B Amnestics. Leopold was detained, questioned and then given a choice after research into his background and psychiatric evaluation was done. Be given Class-B Amnestics and return to civilian lifestyle, or be employed into the SCP Foundation, as the lower-level occupations such as cleaners, technicians and engineers have been lacking recently. Leopold chose the latter, and was permitted to retain the knowledge of SCP-360 as a form of test by the Foundation to see if he can keep secrets and be trusted with the Level-2 Clearance that comes with his job. Attempts to find the one who sent an instance of SCP-360 to Leopold's Address are still ongoing.

After months of working for the Foundation as a general Assistant and then IT Technician, he was entrusted with Level-3 Clearance and has been a useful asset thus far in the maintenance of Site-15, and now Site-[REDACTED]. He shows ambitions of being able to join the Research department of the SCP foundation, in particular the Psychology department.

Leopold's Journal

Leopold likes to keep a journal on his person at all times when awake and working, ever since his transfer to the new Site-[REDACTED] from his previous station in Site-15. The journal is used for note-taking and recording his thoughts on his time in the Foundation. Below are the entries we have seen whilst reading the journal as he sleeps, which we do to ensure no anomalous occurrences present themselves regarding Leopold or the journal:

Day #001:

Not the best first impressions, y'know. Being ziptied and detained, twice. Once by some spy claiming I couldn't ask his name because 'I have level 4 clearance, you can't know my identity', and another by Foundation guards searching for said spy. After release, I found myself wandering the Entrance Zone of the new facility, having yet to be given a proper tour. A kind Commander of some sort showed me to an area in which I could set up my office. As I typed up this first entry in my Journal, it was stated that there was a breach of SCP-096 and SCP-682. I have no clue how they managed to even stop that reptile, but I barricaded myself in the office with the bookshelf and filing cabinets within until I was given the all-clear over Foundation comms. An eventful first day to be sure, I just hope every day isn't filled with breaches and spies. Perhaps I can find a guide tomorrow, but I'm pretty tired after that transfer from Site-15. It's nice to be working with people again instead of machines though.


This is a work-in-progress, and will be consistently updated. Please be patient, and watch this character of mine grow and develop during my time on the server. Thank you for reading.

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I love being hired as foundation after being sent a package that is not an itemimage.png.7cfa9e1da5ba76d7f08029dff4228a78.png that made me learn that heaven exists or something and me being atheist, I don't believe in heaven even after reading or something (idk) about SCP-360 and therefore didn't ascend to heaven due to me not being christian or something even after heaven being proven or something and then people showing up at my home and and goin like yo, random person, either you forget everything and go back to life, or you come work for us directly in our secret facility, since that's something we do I guess instead of hiring you at a front company to actually see if you're trustworthy and not a hostile spy or something but all your friends not having a choice and going woosh amnesticated.

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