Removal 200 regan shields 

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What your suggestion is: Removal 200 regan shields 

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A

Any additional information: 

At the moment playing EC is not fun, while efforts are being made to make balance better, I believe that the main reason is 200 regan sheilds 

The adding of 200 regan sheilds makes it extreamly hard for EC to kill players this is due to the fact that shields negate more than 50% of the damage that is incoming, this means that the time to kill a normal player increases dracsticly, as they can land around 5-6 shots with the normal guns before even getting though their shields. Giving the clone ample oppitunity to run away and let their regans regan, or kill them. 

This is compounded with the fact that almost everyone on the sever can afford 200 regan shields as their ony 500 credits, means that ecs are gonna have a much harder time killing people ultimately affecting their fun as such making people a lot less likely to play ECs.

I myself have seen events were some ecs get 30+ deaths with 2 to 3 kills which is riduclus,   

The only solution that I see is removing 200 shields completly, as even giving the option to buy 200 would make people run back to the vendor to buy new sheilds after a fight. 


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Don't even know why this was implemented since 100 regen shields was just fine before.

Would be a much needed change to making EC actually tolerable to play.

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+1 Most pointless thing, doesn't even give much more protection

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Gives incentive for people to donate.
Only recently has it become playable for some of the lower ranks to not get shit on by ECs. Don't think you were back when the EC hp and weapon changes were made it was close to unplayable.
The ECs have multiple classes with different OP weapons they can use, and yes there are OP if used properly. The EC shotgun and minigun can shit on me and that says a lot with 1k hp and the best weapons on the server.
Regen give NCO and below a small chance at actually fighting back.

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keep shield im not tryna get shit on 

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I am not sure witht he removal of them as i like them but dont at the same time.

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In the Senior Staff Meeting, this was brought up. At first people were 50:50 about it but we came to the conclusion that sometimes if EPs have 1 or 2 more Event Characters, the extra regen shield doesn't really do much.

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