a lower punishment

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this is not my real one anymore i was angry when i made it so i am making a new better one cause i really wanne stay



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- First of all your arguement has so many spelling and grammar mistakes in it that it makes it hard to read, I don't know if this may be you not knowing English very well or lack of effort put into your appeal.

- Second of all, I have had many experiences with you in my time as Staff, one of such was you 'Sexy Dancing' around Main Base, I initially just warned you for it but you insisted to keep going till it lead to me warning you.  Throughout your time on the server you have been notorious for being a minge and not lasting long in any regiment, you clearly do not take this server serious enough to properly play.

-Finally, you were banned for 'Player Pulling' which is a serious ban and the evidence is all stacked against you, I don't see this being accepted.  Maybe I am wrong and you had changed the final few days before your ban but as of right now I am sticking with my -1.

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Application re-made elsewhere.





Credit to Loki for this.



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