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Out of Character Section -

Steam Name: Dex


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:155805725


Current OOC Rank on the server(eg Plat VIP, Mod): Plat vip  pac3

Age (14 - Minimum): 17


What is your playtime (2 Weeks - Minimum): 1mo 4w with rollbacks


Do you have a microphone, is it good quality: Of course


Have you read and looked through the Battalion Handbook: Indeed I have

Do you meet the requirements: Yes. 

State all your previous OOC punishments (bans, kicks etc.) and a screenshot of your list of warns. (Go in game and type !warns.) Upload it to or as a steam community screenshot and include the link. Wasn't able to come on at the time, ss curtesy of mort.Captura_de_pantalla_136.png?width=840&he

In Character Section -

In-Game name: (Regiment, Rank and then your name) 501st COL Dex


All Previous Ranks Obtained: (Highest Per Regiment) Teacher/Temple Guard, 501ST Col, WP CPT, 91ST MJR,  CG EXO, Battalion LTCOL


Why should we pick you for Battalion: (200 Words - Minimum) . I have obviously been here a long time and tried and seen many different roles through out the server so I believe I have a great understanding of most of them. I would  make sure everyone on the server follow the rules extensively. I would  follow all battalion rules and regulations extensively and make sure I abide by these at all times. And if I don't follow these rules, I will accept the consequences of my actions. I would be clear minded and  take into account peoples opinion, thoughts and feelings for everything to run smoothly with no bias involved. The main thing battalion does when on MB is set up sims, mandatory trainings and grant and deny, Briefings and debriefings. You also need to know how to use and when to use the voice amp. I would make sure I do this exactly as asked and shown. I would  use every regiment effectively in the way they should inside and outside of base. I would act in a sensible and professional manner as that's what battalion is and I would also like to make the representation of the server better than it already is. I would be a valiant leader. A good example for new players. And I will overall try to improve the role playing experience of the server. My activity is way up compared to in the past, especially now even with College coming back my activity should still stay up.


Describe the roles and responsibilities of Battalion: (100 Words - Minimum) So as a battalion member you are expected to make sure things run smoothly and to achieve this you would need to make a strong bond with all clones/Jedi. Another responsibility of a Battalion member is making sure your troopers are well-trained and prepared for combat. So if you think your troopers require some more discipline or combat training, host a Mandatory training or Simulation. You also need to make sure you understand each role off all the regiments so you can deploy them tactically and affectively which would help things be a lot smoother and less stress for everyone on the server. You should know how to conduct yourself properly on base and off base and if somebody is asking you something you should know how to answer the question or at least be able to point out someone who could answer. You should also know what adverts should be granted or denied as that is your main focus when you are on MB and some adverts can be very confusing  meaning you will need specification to answer appropriately  . You should know what's expected and the rules of your battalion rank and what attire you should use for these set ranks and the regulations you should follow.

Have you ever been demoted or striked in any regiment: (If so, explain why) Demoted from batt and kicked for lack of activity during mocks and GCSE's. Striked in 501st for actvitiy 

Do you understand that Battalion is a very respectable and disciplined rank: I do indeed

 What do Battalion do during Combat, when they are not leading: (IN DETAIL) First of all, you should never run into Combat and fight against the enemies. You should decide which battalion is giving orders. If you are not leading you should priorities your supervised regiment. you are allowed to move about the battlefield as long as you have a regiment/squad escorting you and you would never rush into the frontlines. Only 1 Battalion can give orders unless that Battalion gives permission to someone else. Once decided, give orders from a safe distance to your regiment so that it is understood and clear, Jedi and where to go and what to do, you need regular status updates on the current situations. You need to speak clearly  and efficiently  so everyone can understand orders clearly

What are the 3 duties a Battalion Officer Cadet has to complete before getting promoted as part of his mentoring session: Do a sim/training with regiment, lead an event and do a briefing/debrief.

What rank can the Battalion Brigadier Promote and Demote up to:


What rank and above can use two pieces of Regimental Equipment:

 Battalion Colonel.

Anything else:  Activity back up, performance back up and a whole lot of people to prove wrong. 


Edited by Dex

Past staff ranks: E planner SWRP, Dark RP Mod, Deathrun Mod

Misc ranks: Global Everything package

Past Highest ranks: CG EXO, Batt LT COL, Teacher ,Temple Guard, Fleet Commander


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I know him IRL and we went to school together and did Kissing training 



Current Ranks: Honour Guard 🤓
Past Ranks: Gavz's Kitten, Shock Vice Commander, CG Vice Commander, Obi Wan Kenobi, 104th Captain ,GC Person Solaire is cringe MCO, CW EP, 501st SO


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+1 Sound guy


Current Ranks
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Deserves this more than a majority of applicants.

- Old [CWRP] Ranks (Look how OG I am) - 
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I think Dex is a good choice for Battalion, he has experince on the server which will help in a big way, what I know of Dex is he is a very big charctar and I think he would be perfect for leading events, this application is very well written and theres alot that has gone into it which shows hes serious about it. +1

Edited by Amelia
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+1 Man has been Battalion for and he was a great battalion Supervisor in my time. He's lead in the past no issues and was removed from Battalion in the past which if you ask me was unfair due to him being on multiple days before he was demoted Battalion. I think he'd smash it. Never had issues with him when he was GC Supervisor.

He also does a great Boris Johnson impression.



dance yoda.gif

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Since ive been in 501st hes been an overall great guy, put that with his experience you have yourself a new batt

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Jump Trooper Lance Corporal | Hutt Clan Henchman


Jump Trooper Lance Corporal | Pyke Henchman


Jump Trooper Jr Medic 2nd Lieutenant


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Chill lad, I think he'd make a good battalion member

Current Ranks:

Battalion 2nd Lieutenant 

Previous Ranks:

CG EXO|501st SGT|SCT EXO|Event Planner|DT Commander|41st CPL|104th MJR


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+1 Great guy deserves Batt Again


"Current Ranks"
Idk something
"Past Ranks"
Battalion CPT - Tech - Jedi Ace Caesar Leutnant - WW2 Event Planner -  GM SpecOps COL
The Bad Batch Tech GIF by Star Wars

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In all honesty Dex as an individual I have never once had a bad incident with aswell he has plenty of experience, however I would say that it is very apparent that activity is somewhat a struggle for him, however I would say that his activity appears to always increase around the time of certain openings, Hierarchy spots etc. so perhaps this application may act as motivation for him.


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And a bunch of other shit no one cares about...

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Neutral, I would say pretty much the exact same as Jendo, you're a good lad and been ex batt, committed to 501st however activity is definitely a 'struggle'.


Good luck though!

allan saint maximin

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On 8/30/2021 at 3:49 PM, Jendo said:


In all honesty Dex as an individual I have never once had a bad incident with aswell he has plenty of experience, however I would say that it is very apparent that activity is somewhat a struggle for him, however I would say that his activity appears to always increase around the time of certain openings, Hierarchy spots etc. so perhaps this application may act as motivation for him.


What Jendo said here basically sums it up, when you were in Battalion last, you became quite inactive for majority of your time inside of it, but that was quite a long time ago and I believe everyone should be given second chances, good luck Dex.

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