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As you all know last year the forums moved to here from the Enjin platform. Although you could access some of the posts on the mobile version even that after a time lost all the posts.

I was hoping to look back over some of the old job suggestions. (Specifically Arsine and Joe aldreads Nova Romanum (can't remember the exact name)) 

If anyone has them archived or has some way to see old posts if you could pass them my way that would be greatly appreciated. 

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I am here to launder money

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1 hour ago, Bansheey said:

Sieg heil

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On 8/29/2021 at 6:50 PM, Alan J Miller said:

I would do radical things to acces the V1 and V2 forums

Those have been gone for even longer. At least no one can find my first CotBG app. But yeah memories lost in general. All I have is access to some very old spreadsheets but that's about it. Maybe could scrounge together a single thread I helped make at best but yeah.

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