Mr. Wondertainment

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At first this is not a serious idea, i didnt thinked about it much and want to see what others thinks about it and if it is even possible to add that to the server.

Mr. Wondertainment is a company selling kids toys. No one knows if Mr. wondertainment is just the company name or the name of the boss of this company. This company sold a ton of dangerous kids toys and some if them even became scp's. As an example scp 445, 445 is a paper, if you fold this paper in any form as an example a tube it gets the power of the thing you folded in this situation if you look trough it you can look further like a telescope. Some other day it got fold to the shape of 682 and the paper rly started walking around and killing people with the power of 682 except that the paper can be fold back in the original paper shape to undo the powers. But it can only be fold back from the person who fold it in a shape at first. 


My idea is now that on the server a job gets added named "Mr. Wondertainment Salesman" this job probaly gonna be a WL job, maybe one where you need to apply on forums or a buyable wl. This job can spawn objects with F4 and then entities. The items costs 100 or something cause the salesman not rly gonna sell the things to others. The objects the job can spawn are the scps Mr. Wondertainment sold like 445. As an example for 445 ingame you spawn it and its just a paper on the ground but if someone press e on it it gonna turn into something random. It could turn into something like a armor wich is wearable then and gives more armor but it can also turn into a monster wich kills the player so some players gonna risk it and maybe get a upgrade or die. It could turn into much more things i just choosed these both as an example. The salesman gonna walk around on surface and does have a foundation and surface keycard. He can have a fake ID and cannot sell the things. He gonna spawn them at some spots just random and others will probaly interact with it. This is just a spontaneous idea and the most things how i imagine it ingame could be changed. I would like some replys if others would like the idea or have ideas how it could become ingame and a big sry for all the spelling mistakes, my english is shit 😊

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Pls no, I don't want some dumbass spawning 5000000 paper monsters rampaging through the city. Also fake ID's ar enot allowed.

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1 hour ago, Joe Conner said:

Pls no, I don't want some dumbass spawning 5000000 paper monsters rampaging through the city. Also fake ID's ar enot allowed.

I mean you could make it with a cooldown and with apply for the wl so less ppl do shit stuff with it. Yeah and as i said it was a spontanous idea and i just said what my first ideas where so yeah, but thx for the reply

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6 hours ago, The council of Josh said:

i mean it wont get accepted probs but its a great fucking suggestion i can see that a lot of thought went into making this into a game thing i would advise you to go make a custom job application once you made a bigger name for yourself buddy

I already expect it to not get accepted but im rly interested in other opinions and if it even could be possible to put something like this ingame. Thx, we will see😊

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