F00lishzays Unban Request

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Server you got banned from: SCP RP

Your name in-game:GENSEC SSGT Henry ,SWAT Commander Henry ,Senior Reasercher Henry  Could be any of those.

Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:0,or,https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199139283480/

Admins' name that banned you:Didn't say.

Admin's steamID:Said nothing about a admin.

Why did you get banned?:I was Mass RDMing and i didn't mean to i thought that you could just Because it was basicly downtime.


Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:I really enjoy the sever and if i never got banned i couldev been level 50 or somthing, and im very sorry for Mass RDMing

Anything else?: Nope all finished 🙂

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Hello there!

On this server, there is no such thing as "downtime". Its an RP server, I'm not sure where you thought it appropriate to start shooting everything in sight. MRDM warrants a permanent ban, as it shows you do not intend to RP. Unless it has been a good amount of time, i don't believe you deserve to be unbanned. 

Please shut the fuck up, no one cares about your whitelists in a Gmod RP server

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On 10/7/2021 at 11:44 AM, F00lishzays said:

i thought that you could just Because it was basicly downtime.

If you respond with "Oh but there is little people on server". Ok and? Doesn't mention on rules that it's downtime when there's only 10-15 people on or something

Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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