Tie Boarding craft

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What your suggestion is:  Swapping out the Troop Transport for the Tie Boarding Craft.

Scriptfodder/workshop link: Already on the server

Any additional information: The Tie Boarding Craft has better armament, better maneuverability and better speed than the Troop Transport. It would make transport a lot more efficient as to also doesn't do constant barrel roles when someone sits in it. The only downside imo is that is only has 21 seats and Cobalt will still be shit at flying it.

please i hate the troop transport its aids

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As EX-IE Hierarchy. I can confirm the Current Mass Transporter is horrible, and that in Test Drives of the TIE Boarding craft is successes in all the categories.

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the Troop transport tank is shit too many barrel rolls in 1 day and can cause chaos of VDM as sometimes you dont have any control over it just when you drive casually soooo +1111 and im saying this cuz Shock can't drive it without doing barrel rolls

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+1 generally i think all IE vehicles should be redone as theyre not the best to fly - even a gunship has more hp than a tie fighter

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