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In-Game Name: Steven Smithh

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:209617684

Warns(do !warns and take a screenshot): See below

Playtime(3 days minimum):


In-Game Level: 50

Have you read the server rules and know not to be retarded?: Yes of course I've read them and know not to be a mentally disabled child my previous warns have taught me well enough to be mature now.

What job does the Manufacturing Department have on site?: The manufacturing department supply equipment such as gas masks, ammo, attachments, etc. to foundation personnel making sure they have what they required for things such as raids and breaches.

Why do you think you'll be a good fit for the Head of Manufacturing?: Although I haven't played MD as much as I used to I know the basics and believe I can have a decent shop around a few areas and I know how to do roleplay. Not only that I have time for it meaning I'll be active and can quickly react to certain situations like needing to run from one area to another to supply MTF and I know how to be mature after changing myself around from a year ago meaning I wont be a minge.

Where and why would you put your shop/bench?: Mainly EZ big for obvious reasons being the most populated area and quick access for MTF. If not 33RGW again being quick access for MTF like NU-7 since it's right down the hall from Cafeteria and also being next to HCZ CP in a scenario like E-11 responding to a breach in there. (In case I do get accepted I already have seen the very helpful tutorial on how to build a shop in the SS and will already be prepped)

Explain 2 HoMD rules(rules are in the HoMD spreadsheet rules section): 

-Only ever produce items ON site even if kidnapped never produce off the site

-And do not charge more than 50% higher than the original cost of products


P.S sorry for uploading late and all feedback is appreciated thank you.

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10 hours ago, Rusty said:


Wow look how's using the images I posted now

Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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  • SCP-RP Past Ranks:   Organization for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts, Sarkic Cultist, Marshall Carter N' Dark Salesman, Ethics Committee Member, Epsilon-11 Commander, Unusual Incidents Unit Special Agent in Charge (Vice-Manager), GRU-P, Head Researcher, Internal Security Department, SCP-096
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