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Crimson Oni's MC&D Application

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Common Roleplay Name: Crimson Oni

Steam Name: Santa’s Crimson Oni

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:582125174

Your Current Playtime(3 days minimum): Actually 3 weeks 1 day but I won’t be able to get an updated screenshot till Friday. bQu5zgbImB7Q3jPup3Zs3OaKLtex4gufURP7d8sIeZ3YyVhq2pO7F8lI_ZSQVScF5Ue8SZ9Din6cLeUVchYpSFsv_OcmaXb0OC-Z44oW1OFOd2jstDhUdC4pAvtEI8aNma40tebn

Your Current Warns (10 warn limit, take a screenshot. Exceptions may be made.): XXRWjKdd5Qb-9XeONYy_z8snR3R-l1pY45s22TRfS8KkalBYxIZw2xurKFaYwtAONUmlH3cdqOsyPlxlj48MNf5aJN1U4p6Xt9oqwaMsV9JkQNhHtsBSApdGFDXoxXxvRUwvn1yd

Why do you want to join MC&D?:

I would like to join MC&D because unlike other GOI’s their objective is not to utilize, release or contain anomalies but to sell them to other individuals and goi’s. I would also like to join MC&D because due to their objective being to sell anomalies they are neutral to most groups of interest. For example in game MC&D is neutral with the Chaos Insurgency, Anderson Robotics and GRU Division P.  Finally I would also like to join MC&D due to the vast rp experiences available by getting the Salesman whitelist. An example of a few rp experiences include managing current affairs related  to MC&D and supplying a raid with enough supplies to get in foundation.

What do you know about MC&D?(50 words minimum):

Marshall  Carter and Dark most often referred to as MC&D is a club that was first established and based in London. The organization now has clubs in cities around the world with  other notable examples being New York and Hong Kong. The main goal of MC&D is to provide their members with the most rare and lavish experiences, objects and creatures available.  MC&D has agents located around the world who locate and retrieve anomalies for the club. Members of MC&D are expected to show full loyalty to the group with failure to do this resulting in strict punishment as a result.  MC&D isn’t a small organisation  however compared to  groups such as the Foundation and the GOC MC&D is  smaller in comparison however despite this they are considered one of the most powerful Goi’s.  MC&D is considered an extremely powerful goi due to their extensive wealth which allows them to cause a nuclear war if they wanted to. Despite their extensive power MC&D doesn’t do much with it because if the veil of secrecy were to be broken  they would lose their power due to the worth  of the group and their anomalies being lost. 

Why is MC&D different to any other GOI?:

MC&D is different to other goi’s because their goal isn’t to contain, utilize  or free anomalies but to simply exploit them in order to earn a profit. MC&D is also different to other goi’s due to them being a neutral goi in the grand scheme of  things. MC&D is also different to the Chaos Insurgency for example because while the insurgency directly opposes the foundation MC&D shows little aggression unless provoked beforehand. Another example of MC&D being different to a goi is the serpent's hand. The hand is an organisation that tries to free anomalies which goes against the MC&D’s goal which is to exploit them for their traits.  The hand is also different because unlike other goi’s MC&D has little control over them as they cannot be financially blackmailed due to the group mostly being located in The Wanderers Library. 

Someone has revealed that you are MC&D, what do you do and why?:

First I would begin a disinformation campaign where I would take every opportunity to reduce suspicion. I would then  try to get the individual who leaked our true identities to come to the club in order to eliminate the need for them being captured which could lead to witnesses and further breaches of secrecy. If the individual did not come to the club I would send 1/2 bouncers and 2 agents to go search for them and capture the individual who broke secrecy and anyone who was known to have learned about us. I would then wait at the club with one of my bouncers in order to ensure the security of the club. Once the individual who broke secrecy had been captured and brought to the club I would begin to interrogate them. In the event the person who revealed we were MC&D was a bouncer/agent I would speak with them about why they did it. If the break of secrecy was unintentional then I would reprimand them about their behaviour and I would ask for the names of anyone they had told about MC&D. I would then have those individuals brought to the club and I would have them interviewed in order to assess their knowledge of the club. If their knowledge was minimal then I would deny everything they knew and I would have them released. If they knew too much  to be released for example knowing about anomalies,mc&d and other goi’s I would have them imprisoned or terminated unless they were a member of a goi neutral to MC&D. In the event the individual who leaked we were MC&D was a civilian I would interview them in order to assess their knowledge and I would do the same with anyone they had told. I would then release, imprison or terminate them depending on their knowledge or affiliation with neutral goi’s. In the event the individual who leaked information was a goi member I would try to speak with senior members of the goi in order to discuss the goi members actions. I would then have the goi member released to the goi or terminated depending on the situation, how much information  they released and if they did it intentionally. 

Have you read the job rules (In the Rules thread) and the Code of Conduct/Permissions in this thread?(One word is not a valid answer):

Yes I have read the rules of the group and I understand what I should and shouldn’t do as MC&D. For example I know as MC&D I must act professionally and I must show competence, maturity and discipline. I also know that I must not cause drama and that I must ensure that I keep MC&D a secret in order to ensure the security of the club. I also know the permissions of the salesman, for example I know that I may sell drugs, weapons and anomalies. I also know that for example the salesman may order lower ranks in MC&D and that if necessary they can demote a bouncer/agent. 


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Love this guy, Fun to play with and a good application


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16 hours ago, Luka Aveyard said:

+1 gona overlook the american spellings (malding)

shut up






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12 hours ago, kanye west said:


im perm banned from scp and have no idea what youre applying for

but fuck you!

i dont think you should get this!

my nigga oswold should 

who the fuck are you?

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Accepted sure good community feedback

request the role on the main discord

Had a bunch of WL but the cool ones are that I currently have.

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