Add new special comms for HR/SR

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For SCPs like 087-II etc. you want to be able to actually communicate with the D-Class. Now !p used to be a pretty standard thing to use but now that is gone. My suggestion is you add a set of comms that SR and HR get that can ONLY be given to D-class. Each researcher should only have 1 set of these but get them back if the D-class either dies or has their comms stripped. When the researcher/d-class dies with the comms they shouldn't drop them. If the researcher goes off the job/leaves the server the comms are removed from the inventory. If somebody tries to strip the comms off of the researcher/d-class they should get any comms they have apart from the special ones.


Would really add to research RP imo. It could be minged with extremely slightly but so could most things on the server and it would only actually affect the D-class and researcher if they minged (also you could add fail RP rules for them or whatever). Would coding something like this be possible?

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Allows for tests to be conducted much more smoothly.

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Like the idea but if any other scps get it and tests are being done on them at the same time then the d class will be getting messages from both. Also the researchers will be getting messages from comms if a test is being done on one of them and they aren’t doing a test. If there was a separate one for each scp the first point would be fixed. With the other one it would probably have to be proximity so it doesn’t happen.

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