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In game name: Charlie Robson

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:196308008

In game time:  image.png.fe884ce35987420ba60d99650f240339.png

DiscordID: EPIC KLEINER#7503


Describe the Bureau's of DOEA's and explain what they do (Use as much info as needed)

- Administrative and Operations Bureau -

The Bureau Delegates tasks to DEA/FA's to focus on Certain Issues Damaging External matters.

Further the Bureau can communicate with MTF members to raid GOI bases. E.G. If a FA finds a CI (Chaos Insurgency) base the AOB (Administrative Operations Bureau) could order E-11 (If Needed) and MTF Nu7 to raid and take over the base.

Further the AOB can Order the capture of anomalous objects and POI's (Person Of Interest)

- Disinformation Bureau -

The Primary Job of the DB (Disinformation Bureau) is to keep the veil of secrecy (The Foundation Hidden/Unknown) the job includes 

1. Creating False Information: Lying to GOI's POI's and the Public to Divert any / all attention away from the Foundation and their goals.

2. Amnestication: Amnesticating those who know too much about the Foundation and it's goals. Or those who have seen/ heard too much.

- Intelligence Bureau -

The Goal of the IB (Intelligence Bureau) is to track the location of uncontained anomalous objects, and gathering Information on Known GOI's. they set tasks for FA's and it's their duty to keep FA's in regulation and to utilise them when needed

- Recruitment Bureau -

The role of the RB (Recruitment Bureau) is to deal with the recruitment of Foundation personnel, Dclass personnel, and the use of anomalous humanoids commonly known as MTF Omega-12. Further Captured GOI personnel are also commonly known as MTF Sigma-66. Members of both Taskforces can be utilised as the RB sees fit but certain actions E.G. Grenade production and Distribution will have to be authorised by a member of the O5 first. 

-- Job Rules --

When in combat a HoEA member Can't Run at attackers and Convert them to S-66 or O-12. 

When playing HoEA you report directly to the O5 council however this does not mean you have Jurisdiction over the SD who's say is final however if you feel the SD has done a wrong move or something "Unethical" you can report them to the ECM / O5.

As HoEA you do not have the power to command onsite stationed MTF and should always confer plan of raids to the SD and if necessary contact an O5 member if it needs urgent approval.

The HoEA is not a combat role therefore going out of your way to fight hostiles, running towards raids, going to surface unnecessarily or going to surface to watch raids is frowned upon and should not take place. 

when an Anomalous Person or POI is captured before converting notify the onsite research department before converting them to O-12



An NU7 unit has brought a Civilian to cells that was loitering for a long period of time at GA what's your course of action?

Firstly I would ask the Nu7 to give some backstory so I can gather a vague representation of the full situation, Further I would ask the Nu7 if he/she had weapon checked the civ when bringing the Civ down, if not I would as the Nu7 to do it in the cell. If the Civ is armed I would ask for additional units to come to cells and help weapon strip the Civ. I would then ask the Civilian for their name and any for of Identification (such as an ID card passport ETC). Then to fully check I would search for any disguises to make sure the person isn't a hostile GOI member. Then I would then ask the Individual why there were stood at GA and how long they were stood there to see whether it would be worth Amnestication beforehand. If they fail to respond or do respond.

After this I would move the Civ to the Interrogation room and ask them questions such as what do you know about this establishment ETC. after the questioning phase is over I would Blindfold the Civ and apply Class-A amnestics if possible or demote to Dclass if they had known about the area for more than 20m. I would then tell the Nu7 to Escort the Civ back to surface and away from GA.

--- However ---

If When I checked for a disguise it showed that they were part of a Known Hostile GOI (E.G. CI)

I would take them to Interrogation and ask questions such as "Where is your FOB/Base" "Who is your leader" ETC. . . If the subject says nothing or says a little report then useful information such as Unis, FOB Loc, names, disguises ETC to MTF members in F comms and Administration either in person or over comms. after this I would convert the captured to MTF S-66 if I had free spaces. if I didn't have any free S-66 spaces the GOI would be demoted to Class D.


----- But -----

If the Civ Turned out to be Anomalous I would bring to Interrogation and ask questions such as "How did you get your powers?" "Where is the object that gave you power located?" after questioning the Anomaly I would Convert to O-12 and if there are no paced Demote to Class D



The Police Department Raided a CI base / FOB successfully and captured a CI operative, but the Operative leaked information about the Foundation and the anomalous world to the PD what is your course of action?

I would Inform Administration members that the Foundation is known to the PD and that a CI Operative has been captured by PD. I would send my FA's in Suits with the fall back that they are High Ranking government officials and try to organise a deal for them to take the operative in which the member o PD sign a NDA in which states that any / all information that they know about the Foundation is to never be publicly or secretly distributed nor spoken about, if spoken the NDA will break and members of the PD / local government will be sent to federal prison or executed for leaking highly classified government information. if Signed and all goes well the Operative will be taken back to Foundation by the FA's and taken for questioning. 

However if the PD refuse to sign the NDA and refuse to hand the Operative over the SD and Site Administration will be notified and briefed on plans to raid. If the raid is cleared all MTF Nu7 and E-11 if needed will be ordered to go to Cafe for a raid briefing. after the briefing is over the Commanders Of Nu7 and E-11 (If there) will be allowed to come up with a plan of action and raid tactics to Extract the mayor and the CI Operative for questioning. (Or Mass Amnesticate if approved and all PD are captured successfully) Or (When raiding kill all PD might be unethical but its a small majority or people at hand when the Secrecy is at Risk(But When raiding this happens most the time anyways)) 

While the raid takes place all available FA's will be notified and briefed over comms to deal with Civs that know about the Foundation and Amnesticate where needed or capture if uncooperative.

If all goes to plan and works the Secrecy of foundation is secure all MTF and FA's can go back to their normal duties.


An Anomalous person has been spotted on the surface doing things a normal human isn't capable of doing (Running at Mach 10) (Jumping 15ft in the air) what would you do?

I would get my FA's to gather information on how the POI moves and its areas it likes to hang about in a lot then with the right information I would tell the FA's to try and lure the Anom to a small spot in which it can be easily captured if however the Anom is Uncooperative I would order them to shoot it and kill it. If Captured I would tell the FA's / FA to bring the Anom back to Foundation where it can be interrogated and converted (If possible


Feel Free to message me on Discord or talk to me in game if you have any questions.



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this guy does GREAT RP, I believe if he were to become HoEA he would be VERY good





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4 hours ago, SB Rust said:

the Anomaly I would Convert to O-12 and if there are no paced Demote to Class D

Why u want anomalous d class bro smh they gonna bust outta d block and wreak anomalous havoc 

Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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36 minutes ago, Joe Conner said:

Why u want anomalous d class bro smh they gonna bust outta d block and wreak anomalous havoc 

Don't worry man. Usually if the HoEA doesn't want O-12 they'll order the termination of captured anomalys. You know the thing the "Secure Contain PROTECT" Foundation does.

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ridiculously Toxic for no reason 


Had him help in a situation as a DoEAA did very well and feel would be a good fit

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