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Main Roleplay Name: Luke Holding

Forum Name: LeadingRanger

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:55428839

Total warns and playtime:
In-Game Level: 50

Are you fluent with the rules of the server?:


1) What is the role of the Central Security Bureau in the Site?

The role of CSB within the site is to uphold the Legal Codex, to make sure employees rights are upheld and personnel do not act above their given power due to rank status. In depth, CSB are to make sure none of the allocated Codex Regulations are broken in anyway to allow the safety of employees and to allow the site to feel safer than it really is. Furthermore, CSB are called upon when any employee of the foundation is detained within Entrance Zone Cells to either determine their punishment or to provide codex understandings to those who seem to be unfamiliar of them. 

2) Define the Foundation Legal Codex

The Legal Codex is a set of laws and regulations that all Foundation personnel are required to obey and not break. If found to be breaking any of the codex laws then the punishments found next to the crime is to be allocated to the offender. This Legal Codex consists of 4 General sub topics:
-  Disciplinary Violations (General crimes without the loss of life)
Crimes Against the Foundation (Crimes that could hold Foundation operations)
- Crimes Against Humanity and Normalcy (Crimes relating to anomalous inhumane usage)
- Unrelated Crimes (Creation or destruction of anomalies or hindering allied operations)

3) Explain how to utilise the Foundation Legal Codex as a CSB member.

The best way to utilize the codex is to make sure you are acquainted with the general rule breaks so then those cases can be dealt with accordingly and efficiently. If difficult to make yourself acquainted with it then make sure the codex is on your person at all times so when a case is to be dealt with within Entrance Zone cell, you are able to relate to the accurate law within a section if clearly informed of the situation on why they are detained. However, if a CSB agent views someone break the codex then they can detain the person and punish them accordingly.

4) What is the Foundation Employee Rights Act?

The Foundation Employee Rights Act is a document to make Foundation Employees aware of their rights while working under the SCP Foundation and under what circumstance these rights do become revoked. This document shows Foundation Employees onto what rights they are able to have upheld into its examples. Like how Employees hold the right for "Private and Peaceful enjoyment of possession" but if they come under the requirements to have their rights revoked then that right would no longer stand for them. 

5) An Alpha-1 is suspected of behaviour massively in violation of the Codex. What do you do?

Due to it being a suspicion I would keep an eye on them to make sure that no major violations have been broken. If while under my suspicion I do find them guilty I would detain them under the codex section they have broken and go to informing the Alpha-1 Commander of what they have done. After informing their Commander I would punish them accordingly while referencing the Legal Codex. However, if sufficient evidence or multiple eye witnesses do come forward while I hold my suspicions then I would go to detaining them and follow the process stated above.

6) Explain, in your own words, an ideal investigation into a whitelisted job member if they have broken the Codex.

I would start detaining them and  hold them in cells in preparations for interrogation. During my interrogation I would aim to extract vital information linked to my investigations and also request for any witnesses or evidence around the site to come forward to assist my investigation. If required I would start contacting their High Command so then they are aware of the situation unfolding within site. Keeping their High command in the loop allows me to pass judgement from their High command for them, with this I would also enforce the Legal Codex if sufficient evidence or information is brought up either from people coming forward or successful progress with interrogations.

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