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My In-Game name: Gendermicrowave


What is the reason for your ban: Attempting to Crash Server

How long were you banned for: Forever

Name of the staff member who banned you: WreckedCone

Why do I believe that I should be unbanned:  I dont rember what happend as it was last year. The imperial server is dying and I want to play this one now.

Evidence: None

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18 minutes ago, gendermicrowave said:

What should I of put? You want me to make up some reason how im some changed person or some shit

Well you don't exactly sound very apologetic. How do we know you won't just switch servers and minge about again? Have you got some high IC Rank we can start from?

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 Rebel Alpha Group Major

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Yeah I understand that actually helpful unlike that other guy.

@ShepherdWhat I rember from the time is that I spawned load of props in thinking it would be funny - not knowing it would crash the server.
I'm a Lcpl in shock trying to do the NCO training. Like I said before I'm trying to go onto the clone wars server as the imperial one has 30 members on at max and its really boring because of that. I obviously I'm not going to try to crash the server or mess about so it ruins the game.

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@gendermicrowave Pretty much. If you would have tried to be more apologetic for what you have done, realising that you were indeed in the wrong, I would't really have an issue but you wrote your excuse like this:

2 hours ago, gendermicrowave said:

I dont rember what happend as it was last year. The imperial server is dying and I want to play this one now.

This just tells me that you don't give a damn if you get unbanned or not (even if you didn't mean it that way) and that you wouldn't be commited to the server anyways regardless of the outcome. So I assumed that you would just minge upon getting unbanned with the "nocarring" attidute you showed here in your excuse.

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