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My In-Game name:


STEAMID: (http://steamidfinder.com) 


Steam Name: 


What did you get warned for?: VDM

Name of the staff member who warned you: Flash

Why do I believe that I should be unwarned:

I will preface this by saying that i did not intend for this whole situation to happen, it lead to some discussion with the staff member who warned me and may have gotten a tiny bit more heated than it had to. 

Now for the explaination

I was playing as a disguised CG scavenger when i infiltrated the base. I found the CG trial EXO and kidnapped him and took his stuff. I negotiated for a dropship from him which i then accidentally killed a CE member with. 

I was flying the dropship and accidentally landed on a CE member with it. Luckily i caught the moment it happened with shadowplay. I did not see the CE and did most definetly not intend to kill him. Since this was completely accidental i hope that there can be some sort of understanding since i genuinly couldn't see him. And when accidental VDM happens normally it usually does not end in the pilot/driver getting warned. 

Now you might be thinking "Well you are a scavenger you aren't even supposed to be stealing ships".

That part has already been discussed with the staff member in question and it concluded with the rules being unclear about stealing and negotiating for ships. The staff in question told me that would be let go but that i shouldn't steal a ship again, which i have agreed to. 

As said before, it was completely accidental and i couldn't see him. If i wanted to go VDM people then there are much better methods to do it than being a retard and killing one guy with a dropship. 





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First off the rules with stealing ships aren't unclear, stealing any non-land vehicle as a scavenger is FailRP, so you are very lucky you don't have a FailRP warn. Also with regards to the VDM yeah it is most likely an accident but still a little unclear we only see when you pull up right next to him like yeah of course you are not gonna see him in the clip. And yeah I think anyone that flys any ship has accidently VDM'd at least once or twice so the warn should probably be removed but I can understand where SMT is coming from if they keep it. I do think however you should have a FailRP warn even if you did kind of get away with it because of the staff member not knowing the rules clearly.

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9 hours ago, List said:

First off the rules with stealing ships aren't unclear

Im not gonna argue about rules but in these pictures https://imgur.com/a/dlzrRuv rules are kinda unclear about stealing ships might be old rule if new ones were made but i cant find any new rules or anything changed about them so.

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I agree that stealing ships is against the rules. My argument about it is that i was not in violation of that rule since i didn't steal it, but negotiated for it.

"4.1.7 You are allowed to steal all ground vehicles but this doesn’t not include air vehicles, such as the admiral’s speeder." 

This rule is obviously to stop just anybody from running up to a ship in an open field and taking off. That is most likely the reason that this rule exists. We dont want to have to worry about scavs running into a gunship/Laat that has been left unattended. 

The rule i was following is 

"3.1.3 When you have a republic personnel kidnapped, you can ask for demands of the republic, this could be a ship or money  (Maximum 100,000 Cr)."

This is clearly another thing. Because it makes more sense if a scavenger kidnaps a high ranking clone or admiralty to make demands that they set. Ofcourse the clones dont have to follow these demands but its up to the highest ranking person to decide what happens. 

And there is no rule that scavs can never fly. Only that the acquisition of a ship has to be done a certain way. I was trying to follow the rules to the best of my ability. Because outright stealing a ship is obviously retarted, but making a PME and negotiating for one is a whole nother case. 
That is why the rules are unclear. 

As for the VDM warn, as i said, completely accidental. I dont have anything before the start of that clip since i didn't save my shadowplay until later on in the sit. 




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Okay just to make it clear. The reason why scavs can't steal ships is because they don't know how to fly. At least that is was i got told. (this was a good point of that) (no this also does not mean you can get RP flight trained and then steal them) 

You followed the rules (that i am gonna bring to the attention of SMT) and you had a accident. So no failRP, because it was/is in de rules and the VDM is very accidental. From the clip you can't even see the CE.


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First why would you land there? Cause a ship clearly can’t fit there. Second you could have gone in to first person cause that is what you do in these situations when you can’t see a thing. 

But it looked like an incident.

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