Admin Abuse - Wanted

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Your in game name: Lizm

The accused staff member's in game name, Steam profile link or Steam ID (

What they had done (Please give a detailed description as to what happened): Basically, i was in brig and they went on my head to arrest me (Standing on heads is FailRP, and they arrested me by doing so.) My clip will show everything ūüôā

Evidence (This is not required, however, if you don't have any evidence you ARE required to come on TeamSpeak and explain what happened on there with the accused staff member present. Evidence can be videos, recordings or screenshots):

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ALT + E-ing on someone's head is an OOC Rule. Standing on someone's head however (as shown in the clip provided) is more misconduct which is an arrestable (IC) offence. There is no rule that states standing on someone's head is forbidden.


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No Admin Abuse to be seen
No OOC rule about standing on heads, if he sat on it then this would be different.

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I dont see how I admin abused here, but oh well
Anyways if you are really butthurt about that, then you will pretty much always be butthurt by all CG when they jump from places to get you. Also seeing as you were complaining about your earlier arrest by CG, I imagine that you are always like this when getting arrested

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No account of FailRP seen in the clip, as Shepherd stated.





Credit to Loki for this.



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