Replace current Storm outpost map with better one

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What your suggestion is: New storm outpost map

Scriptfodder/workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2801853642&searchtext=Jania+Urf

Any additional information: maps name is different its called Jania Urf but its pretty much same map but difference is its bigger has more places outside MB and probably many other things, i havent tested the suggested map my self but from pictures it looks better and i also dont know the file size of the old Storm because its not even on workshop or atleast i cant find it so having new storm map would probably be better.

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Sadly its a great map but ive suggested it before but SMT didnt want it as its just the same map with some stuff added on outside

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Honestly I thik the map is pretty sick and would be amazing just for the fact that it would be a breath of fresh air. Along with that, Storm is used so much, and having a better quality map would do wonders for trainings and exploring, including scav content.

The main issue is the size. I think its like 500mb, which is pretty large in terms of GMOD standards and I am unsure if Lewis would take kindly to such a large file being shoved into the server. Along with this, we suggested this map in EP while ago, and nothing got done so I am unsure if it would get put in.


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I'm not denying the fact it's a good map, I'm just saying it has too many good things that are unnecessary for a map that's never been used for events because in terms of geographic locations, the placement of things aren't the best (eg: Bunks right next to mg).

I want to play skyrim in my spare time, so I don't want to install a 500 mb map.

And as a scav, I always found the storm_outpost as fine as it is, the only new threat that would arise would be the RO actually having fortifications. For Tuskens, the map itself is already a wonder for sniping. 

The RO does make a nice last stand area though if any EP's ever wanted to do an event like that.

Jedi Temple looks like an actual Jedi temple, instead of looking like the Rishimoon storage rooms.


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Considering the map had been denied before I don’t think it will be accepted now. It also is 500mb and that is just to big for the amount we use it. I think we would be better off with developing our own if someone has the experience and time to make one.

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Having looked around the map, there are a lot of improvements. However there are a lot of things missing that we need and use. Such as the bunker for example.





Credit to Loki for this.



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