Warn appeal.

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Your in game name: Mystic

The accused staff member's in game name, Steam profile link or Steam ID ( STEAM_0:0:101201681

What they had done (Please give a detailed description as to what happened): Basically, i got shot like 20ish times and if you check logs it was constantly happening. So after him shooting me so i lost around 1/3 of my hp (I was jedi so i had alot of hp) I decided to kill him so he would stop shooting me constantly.
In the clip you can see me being shot at the very start so you can see it wasnt a 1 time thing. Thank you for your time 🙂

Evidence (This is not required, however, if you don't have any evidence you ARE required to come on TeamSpeak and explain what happened on there with the accused staff member present. Evidence can be videos, recordings or screenshots):

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Whether he is shooting you or not it's still RDM
You should of just made a claim for him to stop or anything else 

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You should of made a claim so a staff member can assist you instead of taking things into your own hands. 

Also, just because you are in the EC room doesn't give you free range to do whatever you want. 

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And what excatly would you have lost, if he had killed you? Nothing.

You should have just made a claim and even if he had killed you, you could have asked the EP to bring you back to the EC room and then make a claim about him RDMing you.

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