Give 212th Medic Grenades back

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What your suggestion is:  Add Thermal Detonators back to 212th Medic Job

Scriptfolder/workshop link: (already on the server)

Any additional information: 212th Medics have been requesting their grenades back because it's regimental equipment and taking them away takes away their only regimental equipment, they had.

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While restricting things like LFS/Grenade Launcher/RPG to one equipment makes sense it can be almost a demotion to take a medic spot in 212th by losing explosives/T21 and being last priority to man a tank. Especially at higher ranks.

At least with keeping the Grenades you are still able to use explosives in the explosive regiment. 

Not sure how to make 212th Medic appealing to SOs however as they lose complete access to the Republic RPG and Grenade Launcher, and to use an LFS anti-vehicle launcher they have to give up their T21 and go back to the horrendous medic peashooter.

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212th is the EXPLOSIVE divison idk why Medics wouldn't have their grenades. 

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212th is a explosive regiment and though medic does limit combat, it doesnt restrict someone to be apart of the battle. Medics already suffer heavily from not having equipment, so having grendades may make it more desirable to be apart of it.


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it will be added back its just needs fixing was removed by accident need to wait till tropier is back

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They'll be added shortly.





Credit to Loki for this.



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