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Navas admins abuse/false warning

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Your in game name: Reserve Medic Tnt

The accused staff member's in game name, Steam profile link or Steam ID (http://steamidfinder.com/😞 CT 0110 Navas & STEAM_0:0:516450086

What they had done (Please give a detailed description as to what happened): during a debreif, a 442nd member who had just resigned from the regiment, entered and tried killing the battalion using his shield and failed, after being put in brig he started using comms and i said something along the lines of "Shouldnt his comms have been removed?" he in response said some very disrespectful things but thats not what this is about, Navas who was openly saying that the 442nd should be released then decided to warn me for "disrespect towards [name of 442nd member]"

Evidence (This is not required, however, if you don't have any evidence you ARE required to come on TeamSpeak and explain what happened on there with the accused staff member present. Evidence can be videos, recordings or screenshots):

Clip 1: showing the incident caused by the 442nd


Clip 2: show the aftermath without any cuts to show the chat

Clip 3: just shows me scrolling thru chat to make sure everything has been seen



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Tnt said nothing disrespectful towards Bongo, the one thing Tnt sent that I think was the reason was "I don't know who you are"  which isn't a disrespectful thing to say. And Tnt was also not disrespectul even after what Bongo sent in republic chat towards Max and Tnt. 

The evidence backs up Tnt's claim and he should get unwarned. 


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Hes already had his security staff permanently removed from him for this.


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