Cheetah Staff Application

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in-game name(s): Cheetah 


Steam Name: FastChe3tah


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:120252079 


Age when applying: 17


What country do you currently reside in? What is your time-zone: Sweden  GMT+1


Can you speak and type English fluently: Yes.


Current total game-time on the server (type !time): 4w 5h 47m


IC Rank(s) and OOC Donation Rank(s) on CWRP: Currently 212th PFC, But recently resigned from CG EXO, Also Jedi Healer Rahm Kota. OOC Donation Rank is Platinum VIP


Do you own a working microphone? When you communicate do you type or speak: I can speak and type and my microphone is understandable.


When did you join the server? Have you taken any breaks since: 27/08/22, and breaks not really only every now and then during holidays.


How often do you use our Teamspeak 3 server, CWRP Discord and our forums: Discord everyday teamspeak not as often but i do use it, the forums i am not that active on.


State all your previous OOC punishments (bans, kicks etc.) and a screenshot of your list of warns. (Go in game and type !warns.) Upload it to http://imgur.com/ or as a steam community screenshot and include the link). Your game time must be visible as well in the screenshot. (Type !time then open warns menu, and drag the menu so chat is visible with the time): https://imgur.com/kNfqrmF https://imgur.com/a/WDxGLC8


State the role of staff on the server: To help out with any OOC issues and such and keep the players on the server free from any rule breakers that ruin RP, Also to just help out whenever question are asked or if anyone needs help with basically anything as staff can of course answer question about IC stuff aswell.


Have you read the server rules and are you familiar with them? Id say so yes.

List of all previous staff experience: None

Do you understand that you can be demoted at anytime with a sufficient reason by a Hierarchy member?: Yes i do.

Explain how you would handle these scenarios as a staff member:


1 ) You are told by a Player that somebody is randomly killing other clones: I would first ask for the name of the person or who they killed and then check logs on if they actually killed someone, If they did i would ask if they have video evidence of the incident and if they do not i would spectate them myself and see if they continue doing it. Of course if i see that they clearly killed a lot of people even tho they were not on a SIM job, There was no event, They were not scavengers. I would of course take action as that should be enough evidence without video proof.


2 ) You are asked by a Cadet to be trained using the @ function: I respond to the claim saying dont call staff for that if you have not already waited for someone or adverted you need training, if they have done that already ill ask in OOC if any NCOs are available. If no one answers after multiple tries i will TP the lowest NCO on base.


3 ) During a debrief, a CT accidently shoots someone, whilst trying to safety their weapon: I dont take action as that is a IC issue not a staff issue. Because acidentally fire isnt ARDM as they didnt intend to kill anyone.


4 ) A CT #### doesn't salute you, despite you being a rank higher than 2nd LT: Same thing i dont take action as that is not a staff issue, tho i would tell him that in the future you should technically do it but its not a big deal at all.


5 ) Someone commits FailRP, but claims that the specific instance of FailRP is not explicitally stated within the server rules: Still warn them about it as not everything can be written in the rules as that would make it way to long, and most stuff has to be considered using what we call "Common sense"


6 ) You bring a player into a sit and punish them accordingly, however they do not agree with your punishment and keep on arguing: I tell them what they did wrong why they are getting punished for it but i will not spare them as rules are rules at the end of the day.


Explain in length and detail as to why you deserve staff more than other applicants. Explain what you will bring to the staff team and your strongest assets as a person/potential staff member (250+ words):

While i have been playing on the server and watching staff work i have grown interested in what staff members do on the server and i think it would fit me very well as a person.
I really love helping people who need help in whatever issue they may be having and I am a really motivated person that if i put my mind to something i will finish it whatever it is and whatever it costs, I am really active on the server and have been since i joined and during my time here i have been through a lot of regiments and different situations during my month of playtime so i would say i am experienced enough for staff. If i were to get staff i would bring great activity thru my time as staff, great mentality and being able to help and support my fellow people. I also work well with others and am a and i can easily cooperate on different projects or issues and it has never been a issue for me in life. and hopefully good performance with litle mistakes. but as i dont have any previous experience i of course need to learn everything there is about being a staff member on CWRP. If needed help with new additions to the server or good ways of solving situations i would say i am a very creative minded person and can help out with basically everything thrown at me to the best of my capibilities and i would never turn down a opportunity to help anyone with whatever issue they might be having.


JT Jnr Medic SGTM | Vanguard Recruit


[CWRP] CG Medic | DU Executive Officer | CG Executive Officer

[IRP] Shock ET

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I am sorry, but there are few things that lead me to my -1.

You just resigned from CG hierarchy after not even of a month of being EXO and I really feel like someone more dedicated to a regiment would be a better choice.

Some of your responses to the questions in your application could be better.

And lastly your reasoning on why you deserve staff more then other applicants did not convince me.

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+1 Positive

- Creates a positive attitude

- Talented in what he does

- Very active

- Can get overhyped

-1 Left Beast Tamer for Sage, who he left for Warlock. Get's bored of CG Hierarchy, immediately. Disappears. I'm happy that you're honest about your feelings, but this lack of dedication is worrying.

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Simple reason because of your resignation "but to come on as a chore" if this is what you felt for hierarchy then idk how you would feel about staff.

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