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Panzer's EP Application, Round 2!

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Basic Information:

Steam Name + Profile link: The Wolf Of Law Street  | 

Roleplay Name (e.g. GM TRP Johan / Jedi Padawan Ngannou): 41st SGTM Panzer (Resigned 10/2/23 - Can't keep myself away from the Jedi Main) | DD Panzer | Jedi Consular (Agent) Panzer 

Teamspeak Name: Panzer

Playtime on the Server: Your total time is 3mo 1w 6h 51m.

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:157240601

Any experience in staffing on a roleplay server: I have been a Senior Event Planner on this server, roughly 5 months ago! 

Current Age: 17

Warns/Bans: 0

Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?: Yes!

Event Plan:

Map: Mustafar

Enemies, HP, Amount:

Clone ECs:

B1 Battle Droid - Default HP - 2

B1 Assault Droid - Default HP -  2

B1 Enforcer Droid - Default HP - 1 (Its an open map, shotgun effectiveness would be limited, however this number could be raised if specifically requested by ECs)

Commando Droid - Default HP - 2

Droideka - Default HP - 1


B1 Assassin Droid - Default HP - 1 (Dependent on 41st/OS Numbers)


Jedi ECs:

Sith Assassin - 20-25k - 2 | Possibly one Assassin substituted for a Hologram Droid, replicating Ventress.

Passive, HP, Amount:

Asajj Ventress - N/A HP - Voice Amp character only, played by yours truly!

Republic's Execution:


To begin, a briefing is called by leading BATTALION, informing the clones that a surge in CIS activity has been detected by probes within the area surrounding Mustafar, including radio interceptions from The Banshee, piloted by Asajj Ventress, although heavily encrypted and unable to be decoded. The GAR are being dispatched to meet the CIS in orbit, and attempt to down the CIS fleet in aerial combat before they can make landfall on Mustafar, if they can make it in time.


The GAR will then be sent into LAATs, and then map swap to Mustafar. Briefing will be held, where the Battalion will explain that by the time they arrived, the CIS fleet had landed on the planet of Mustafar, and have took defensive positions within the pre-existing mining facility, as well as the garrison building.


With the Battalions discretion, the GAR first moves through the mining facility, mostly with ease. A TERMINAL will be found by SF, briefly hacked into, revealing a mass power surges to the fortification further ahead. 



Most the rayshields will be deactivated within the central fortification. However, the push towards the fortress will be made slightly more challenging in order to compensate for the time loss, but overall, it will be easier for clones this way.


Hard mode

After the mining facility is cleared, the clones move over and into the facility on the mountainside, and progressively move through, clearing out, deactivating rayshields where applicable, and destroying CIS weapon storages and production facilities.



Knowing that Asajj Ventress' ship has been spotted on the Planet, Jedi are sent alongside the GAR to Mustafar. Expecting to confront Ventress, they come prepared for the worst, prepared for any scenario. 


When they arrive on the planet, they will make contact with 2 disciples of Ventress, specialising in Assassinations, following in Ventress' footsteps. This, for the most part, will happen on top of the Mining Facility, although, as the main event moves to the garrison facility, the Jedi ECs will follow.

Event Character Execution:

The Event Characters will first be assigned the role of setting up defensive positions within the mining facility. There will be barricades already placed, however they won't be in abundance as they are meant to be pushed out of here relatively swiftly. For the most part, they will be moved to fall back and cover the aforementioned terminal which SF will hack into.


Then, they will be moved outside of the facility, specifically the back, where, using lava floats, and other forms of defensive positions, they will provide resistance to the advancing clones depending on whether the Power Supply was toggled or not.


Then, inside the main garrison building, they will be placed within each section, protected by rayshields, where their objective will be to hold back the advancing troops, as well as protect the weapon stores, and production lines.


When the event is nearing the end, Ventress will mock the Republic, proclaiming revenge will arrive one day, and, granted the server isn't shitting itself, begin a self-destruction sequence for the fortress.


Event Information: 

The Fury of Mustafar:

Asajj Ventress, the notorious Dark Acolyte of the Separatists, leads a massive assault on the planet of Mustafar in a bid to secure the planet's valuable resources for the Separatist cause. The Galactic Republic, sensing the threat, sends a team of Jedi and clone troopers to Mustafar to stop Ventress and her army.

The battle is intense and brutal, with both sides fighting tooth and nail for control. Ventress wields her dual lightsabers with deadly precision, cutting down clone troopers and Jedi alike. Meanwhile, the planet's unpredictable volcanic activity threatens to consume all who dare to fight on its surface.

As the battle rages on, Jedi Generals fight valiantly against Ventress, but she proves to be a formidable opponent, using the dark side to evade their blows and strike back with ferocity. The tide of the battle seems to be turning in the Separatists' favor, until a surprise arrival changes everything.

Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, on a mission to eliminate the Separatist threat, joins the battle and engages Ventress' forces in fierce combat. The combatants clash, their powers evenly matched. But as the duel reaches its climax, the fury of Mustafar reaches a boiling point, and a massive volcanic eruption threatens to consume them both.

In the end, only one will emerge victorious. Will Ventress secure Mustafar for the Separatists, or will Anakin and the Republic triumph against the Fury of Mustafar?

Have you ever Done an Event Before?: 

Yes, several in fact!

What was your event and was it successfully executed?:

I have done too many to count, however i have been responsible for the handling of The First Battle Of Umbara, which went off without a hitch, as well as 2 Custom Storylines in the past, spanning at least 4 events, featuring dialogue, characters which people seemed genuinely to be invested in, and want to continue hunting, as well as cutscenes. Outside of those, i have performed events such as Base Attacks, both in a standard and non-standard way, as well as planetaries, done with preparation, as well as last minute takeovers.

Do you understand the responsibilities a event-planner has? If so, what are they?:

An event-planner's primary focus is to create events that grip the server's playerbase, by making them fun, unique and engaging, in order to make players want to return; done through fair and balanced events, giving fun to both sides of the event. An EPs secondary role is to help with claims in the event of there being no staff members, or a staff member being unable to help a player - this is not to do be done if Staff is online to help instead. Similarly to staff, EPs are held to a high standard, and are rightfully expected to be professional about their business.

Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?: 

Of course!

Anything else?:

Photos of the garrison dupe are incoming, likely to be posted here on the 6/7th, as it is still being optimised to minimise prop count, as the server seems to be especially struggling recently, and it would cause an immense amount of lag, however, it will be relatively similar to a fortress from an event i did on Mustafar a while back, which had rave reviews! 


Also, my dupes that i made and put in the dupe sharing chat for EPs to use are still being used, which is cute xo


Also, although i may be recently returning, i have raised 60 hours across 5 days (as of the 5/2/23), which i believe shows my dedication.


Edits to my application have been granted by Vandori.


W-G E-Planner!!!!!!!

Edited by Panzer - Dājirin
Fixing "Warns" Category



-- Current CWRP IC Ranks -- 

Jedi Alchemist Sage Panzher Zheng

Detainment Droid


-- Current IORP IC Ranks -- 

Imperial Medical Command - Deputy Medical Officer

Pyke Syndicate Soldier

-- Current SWRP OOC Rank -- 
SWRP Mapper
-- Previous CWRP IC Ranks -- 
CT ####
CG Medic CPL
CG 2nd LT
CG Captain
CG Major
 41st PVT
 41st PFC
 41st LCPL
 41st CPL
 41st SGT
 41st SGTM
 91st TRP
91st PVT
91st PFC
 501st TRP
501st PVT
501st PFC
501st LCPL
212th PVT
212th PFC
212th LCPL
212th CPL
  104th PVT
104th PFC
104th LCPL
104th CPL
104th SGT
104th SGTM
 442nd TRP
442nd PVT
442nd PFC
442nd LCPL
442nd CPL
 Battalion Officer Cadet x2
Battalion Officer x2
Battalion Warrant Officer
Battalion 2nd LT
Battalion 1st LT
 Jedi Initiate
Jedi Apprentice
Jedi Padawan
Jedi Knight
Jedi Snr Knight
Jedi Consular
Jedi Agent
Jedi Senior Consular
Jedi Healer
Jedi Umbra
Jedi Advisor
Jedi Occultist
Jedi Mender
Jedi Alchemist Mender
Jedi Illusionist
Jedi Alchemist Sage
Jedi Ambassador
Jedi Warlock
First Jedi Elder (Sub-Path Leader)
Jedi Force Master
-- Previous CWRP OOC Ranks -- 
CWRP Event Planner
CWRP Senior Event Planner
-- Former IORP IC Ranks -- 
Senior Researcher - Chief of Unethical Experimentation 
68th Legion SGTM 


-- Former NRP Ranks -- 

Eiserne Front Erster Stellvertreter / Iron Front First Deputy
Eiserne Front Zweiter Stellvertreter / Iron Front Second Deputy
Eiserne Front Frontsoldaten / Iron Front Soldier
Panzer-Abteilung "Großdeutschland" Panzerschütze
Rottwachtmeister der Feuerschutzpolizei




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Massive +1


- Known the guy for a while

- Friendly and extremely approachable

- I like his event listed above

- Knows the ins and outs of the server being in every regiment at some point in time

- Jedi so im sure he will do some jedi events also.


- N/A


Would be an excellent addition to the EP team and can't wait to work with him.

Senior Battalion

CWRP Moderator



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Was SEP befroe

Loved and praised by the community as a kind and honest man.

- Old [CWRP] Ranks (Look how OG I am) - 
CT Commander | CT ARC | 212th ARC | CG ARC | 104th ARC | 501st Commander | GM PVT | 41st SGTM | Jedi Mystic | 2x Event Planner | 2x Jed Knight | CWRP Admin | Jedi Teacher | Sith Arcane | Iron Fron 2nd Deputy | Scaletta Kingpin | Scaletta Don | Stellvertreter Direktor der Propaganda | GD Oberschutze


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Been SEP
Good Plan 
Overall good person

Current Ranks

212th Vice Commander

Former Ranks


Junior Medic
2x 212th SO

Event planner

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