5 months ban?

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steam name - jamjil

RP name - pinkdude 

steam id - STEAM_0:0:611724112

I was speaking to the admin HENK who said i would get banned for 1.5 months, but there was an issue with how he banned me and it somehow came out to be 5 months. I know this because my friend asked him his RP name is arnold.  This is unfair because we talked about how i would act when i joined back and he thought a 1.5 months ban would be fair but instead i got 3x that. Im not asking to be fully unbanned but only to have my time reduced  down to what HENK thought would be a fair punishment. 


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Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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It's being changed to 1.5 Months ASAP, if it's not done already.

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