Scytale's 2nd Event Planner Application

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General Information:

Steam Name + Profile link: Gústi -

Roleplay Name: 501st LT COL Scytale

Teamspeak Name: Scytale

Playtime on the Server: 1mo 1w 4d 12h 13m

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:43039339

Any experience in staffing on a roleplay server: Yes. I was an event planner on this server for approx. 3 months previously.

Current Age: 23

Warns/Bans: 1 warn for RDM on the Tusken job and 1x ban for MRDM -

Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?: Yes, and, it works just fine.

Have you ever Done an Event Before?: Yes, I have done events in the past

What was your event and was it successfully executed?: My first event took place on Tattoine Hideout where a band of Tusken had gotten their hands on a prototype weapon of mass destruction. It was executed successfully.

Do you understand the responsibilities an event-planner has? If so, what are they?: The responsibilities of an Event Planner are to make fun events for the community, stepping in to help other EPs as well as doing minimal staff duties when no other staff is available.

Do you understand at the beginning of passing the application stage, you will have to undergo a training phase until completely trusted to create and host events?: 
Yes, I understand.

Clone Event Plan:

Story for your event:

The Republic recieved a distress call coming from Kashyyk.
The Wookie Cheftain describes in it a large fleet of Trandoshans and a scientist came to the planet and enslaved its citizens. He claims that a big portion of the male Wookies have been captured and put into prison camps, where they are being forced to work.
The imprisoned Wookies that are deemed worthy by the Trandoshans are given cocktails of narcotic stimulants resulting in the Wookies turning frenzied and attacking everything they see. It's like nothing he has ever seen. 
Fortunately, he was able to escape along with other Wookies. They have made daring attempts to fight their enslavers to no avail.
After unsuccessfully fighting the Trandoshans, the survivors  have resorted to call for an emergency and get the Republic involved.
Thats where the Clones come in to aid the wookies reclaim their home planet and get to the bottom of this horror plaguing Kashyyk.

Event Announcement for your story:

A Wookie Chieftain has sent a distress call from Kashyyk begging the Republic for assistance. 
A dark mystery shrouds the foresty planet as horrors have surfaced and are disturbing the local populous. 
Find out what's causing this nightmare at all cost!

Choice of map: Kashyyk

Type of enemies/faction, Why them in particular?: 
Wookies. The Wookies have been turned into frenzied killing machines and must be given the antidote to undo the effects of the toxins they have been given. 

Additional Characters: Trandoshan Slaver and a Wookie Chieftain.

Republic's outline and execution:
The Republic is called out and head to Kashyyk. There they will talk to the Wookie Chieftain that sent out the distress call and get to learn the Wookies have been taken hostage and are being experimented on and have gone completely insane. The republic then heads out to find clues as to what happened and soon learn the Lead Scientist left behind an antidote to cure the Wookies. The hunt for the antidote starts. 
By this point the clones should have spotted a terminal outside the cave entrance and have the password for it.
They use said password to open the entrance and should find the antidote rather quickly. After finding it, Medics will be called to analyze the antidote and make more of it.
This will be done in the medbay area next to the elevator. While the medics produce more antidote the clones will protect the medbay while the Wookies will attack the medbay relentlessly until a sufficent amount of the antidote has been made and can be released. 

Event Character outline and execution:
At the start of the event the ECs will be waiting at the camp next to the elevator as combat ensues. They will quickly retreat to the research station(custom dupe) which is rayshielded. After the Clones take over the research station the battle will be moved around until they reach the Trandoshan's Base of Operations(also custom dupe). There the EC's will fend off the Clones until the eventually reach the terminals with the password to the cave entrances
(Clones will need to hack two terminals as the password has been split in half). Battle will be moved into the caves where the antidote has been hidden. After the clones find it and take it to the medbay the ECs will start attacking the medbay to prevent the medics from making more of the antidote. 

Jedi Event Plan:

Story for Jedi event: A Sith named Drak Nyuek wanted nothing more than revenge on a Jedi called Harald. Harald had killed Drak Nyuek's master in the past with him witnessing it.
Fueled by hatred Drak attempts resurrecting his former master but fails. This makes him contact an unknown
Sith who takes him in and teaches him the ways to resurrect others using blood of living beings. 
With this new gained knowledge Drak starts tracking Harald down and finds him living a calm life on Planet X
(im unsure if i will do this event during a planetary or a base attack so for now he tracks him to X).
Sensing Drak presence, Harald seeks refuge at the closest Jedi Temple.
Knowing Haralds location, Drak sets his plan in motion. He waits for night to start slaughtering all the civilians he sees and collects their blood. The Jedi suddenly feel an extremely hateful presence and that's where the event begins.

Event Announcement for your story:

A powerful Sith has come to Planet X hunting the Jedi that killed his former master. He has slaughtered hundreds of innocent civilians and plans on resurrecting his former master. Stop the Sith in his tracks before its too late!

Additional Characters:
Harald. He will alert the Jedi of the Sith's presence. 

Jedi outline and execution:
With Harald leading the Jedi to his town it is revealed Drak has already killed the whole town and will soon start the ritual needed for the resurrection. It is up to the Jedi to protect and subdue Drak so teamwork will be required.

Jedi Event Character outline and execution:
As the Jedi come rushing towards Drak's location, he will be halfway done preparing the ritual for his master's resurrection. He then sees or notices Harald's presence, drops what he is doing channels his hatred and attacks the Jedi protecting Harald.
Forgetting his primary objective of resurrecting his former master, he uses the blood of the people he slaughter earlier to summon demonic soldiers to aid him in his fight against the Jedi and Herald.

Last question:

Anything else?: W-G E-Planner

Current Ranks:

501st Vice Commander

CWRP Senior Event Planner


Previous Ranks: 

212th COL

501st EXO



"I spent 300 hours getting into ARC"


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previous ep 
very active

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its scy yes

Current Ranks: ICRP Admin

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Your application is currently on hold and depending on certain criteria you might make it to the Event Team. Please be patient as Event Management will reach out to you when ready.


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