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General Information

Name: Miodrag-Maximilian Lepoiev


What country are you from?: Romania

How well do you speak and understand English? (Out of 10): I would say a strong 9. I understand and speak English very well. I have taken the CAE exam a good while ago, but despite having some rust here and there, I still enjoy speaking/talking in English, often more than my mother tongue.
DiscordID: ghost_killer

SteamID or URL:
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:31814162

In-Game name(s): Mile Kevas

Age(14+): 24

Play Time (> 5d): Vaguely I remember having around 6 weeks playtime (however I can not prove/check that right now), but I can prove that I am at least above the necessary limit.
Link to old Staff Application: 

Are you a VIP/PlatVIP?: PlatVIP


Do you have a microphone?: Yes

Average Daily Playtime?: Depending on the day and whether or not some personal matters come up anywhere between 4 to 8 hours a day with possibilities of even more hours in some days.
Previous Punishments(Max 15): I am not aware to have any Warns or Punishments (also an old screenshot of my warns is available on the old Staff app mentioned above)

Onboarding Information:
Any past experience as staff?: Yes, I have been part of SCP-RP's staff team a couple of years ago. I had to resign from my Admin position due to Faculty and some other personal matters.
Any previous roles in the WG Community?: Starting from Moderator to Senior Moderator and achieving the peak of Administrator within the SCP-RP Staff team.
Do you know the basic ULX commands Yes/No: Yes I am familiar with the ULX commands. Despite being familiar I will not lie that I might have a few gaps in my current knowledge due to not using them for a couple of years now.
A small list of some ULX commands:
!goto <target> -> Teleports you to a player
!bring <target> -> Teleports a player to you
!slap <target> <damage> -> Hits a player, dealing the specified amount of damage
!ban <target> <time> <reason> -> Bans a player by their name for the specified amount of time, for the specified reason
!ban <steamID> <time> <reason> -> Similar to the one above, but instead of using the player name as a parameter it uses the player's steamID which in many cases is safer due to name conflicts. 
There are many other commands which can be seen via the ULX menu (!ulx) and or searched online. There are also the special characters that can be used when writing a command:
@ -> apply the command to the target that you are looking at
* -> apply the command to all players 
^ -> apply the command to yourself (however most commands will have by default yourself as a target)



What attributes can you bring to being a staff member?: First of all I can be on the server at times when other staff team members might not be able to, due to the Time zone difference. Even in the past while I was part of the staff team I was the only staff member in the morning (according to my Time Zone). During said mornings I always encountered a number of rule breakers / trolls. Which were always trying to give the "downtime" reason as an excuse for their behaviour.

Why should we pick you? (300 word minimum):
As being a returning staff member I do believe that I can bring many advantages to the SCP-RP community, as I am already fairly familiar with a vast majority of situations that may arise during gameplay between players and how these should be handled. Moreover I am positive that I can keep my neutrality in different situations, not preferring a side due to personal reasons. And I always try to gather as much information and evidence as possible before drawing a conclusion. During my staff time I was always glad to help out players if they DMed me on Discord, based on the problem I would drop whatever I was doing and try and join the server as fast as possible while also asking the ones that report the issue to take screenshots or videos as evidence.
On the other hand if I were unable to join the server, I would again ask them to gather as much evidence and proceed with a ban request on the forums.
After a couple of years, being again active on Discord in the last couple of weeks has proved me that I still have some reputation as many players of the community still remember me, proving that I am serious about the staff position and the well-being of this community. 
I had left the staff-team by my own accord, thus leaving on good terms with SMT and other members. After my leave I continued to play for a while, still abiding by the rules of the server and trying not to break any of them. By coming back I am aware that I most probably will not start from the old rank that I had in the staff team and I completely agree if I need to start over from trial-moderator as members of SMT have been changed and I need to prove again that I deserve the ranks.

Do you know what SCP-RP is about? (not just job descriptions): SCP-RP is related to the world where SCPs (creatures with impossible abilities) exist. These creatures pose a big threat to humanity and they are kept under control by the SCP Foundation, a secret organization that tries to keep these SCPs away from the public ensuring safety for everyone.
There are many SCPs, and each one of them has different classification for how hard they are to contain, starting from Safe, Euclid, Keter and some others which might not be depicted on the server.
The facilities of SCP foundation are usually located underground away from pry eyes and have many personnel at disposal. From D-class personnel that are used as Test subjects to Researchers, Armed units (MTF and security), Maintenance personnel and Administrative Personnel.

Besides that there are a number of different groups of interest withing the SCP universe. Some of the groups are Chaos Insurgency, Global Occult Coalition, Anderson Robitics, Marshall Carter and Dark and others.

Do you understand the rules of WG-SCP-RP: I completely understand the SCP-RP rules and I have no intention of breaking them or finding loopholes just to get an advantage in any situation.
Most of the rules have stayed the same as they used to, also many rules are general rules over the entire roleplaying communities:
- RDM -> Random Death Match
- FailRP -> Invalid roleplay, doing something that is not realistic
- LTAP -> Leaving to avoid punishment (usually during admin sits)
- LTARP -> Leaving to avoid RP
- PropKill / Prop Fly / Prop Minge / Prop Block -> Killing, Flying, blocking or annoying somebody with props
- NLR -> New Life Rule, after you die in RP, you forget everything from your past life and start anew, all info you had is lost and you may not return to the place of death for a while.
And there are many more.


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- Good  responses

- Nice person

Edited 4 hours ago to include GOIs in "understanding of SCP-RP" question lol never the less, still knows a lot about the server

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Scprp is bad, run while you can!!
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  • SCP-RP Past Ranks:   Organization for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts, Sarkic Cultist, Marshall Carter N' Dark Salesman, Ethics Committee Member, Epsilon-11 Commander, Unusual Incidents Unit Special Agent in Charge (Vice-Manager), GRU-P, Head Researcher, Internal Security Department, SCP-096
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nice guy

always helpful


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Past Ranks:

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Good evening. I was encouraged to view the forums by the Server Management due to the staff applications for the SCP-RP server opening again. I have read your application carefully and below I will give my thoughts on what you have answered in the application:

Firstly, the structure of your application is neat, something I'm sure the Server Management appreciates. The more concrete, solid and on-point an application is, the better. Including links to your Steam profile and previous references is also great. You answer all if not that; most of the questions directly, and you get to the point. Outside of this, you mention your availability for when the server releases which seems to be in hours a day, something that is outstanding. Just be careful of eventual burnouts!

Moving into the answers you have given to the application questions, you show that you have at least basic knowledge of ULX commands, something I'd expect from a previous Administrator. You mention you can be on the server at times when other staff members can not. This is also a good feat, as we need diversity in the staff team to cover as much of the time on the server as possible. I have checked your timezone based on where you are from, and there does not appear to be any issue in attending staff meetings organized by the Server Management. I like how you mention the connection as a staff member not only to in-game responsibilities, but also how sometimes Discord has to be used to resolve situations such as evidence, and so forth. However, when connecting this tie, I'd preferred if you'd also mention that if you were unable to join the server, to also redirect them to another staff member who was online at the time. (If there was another staff member online at that time.) You seem very focused on the Foundation aspect of what the SCP-RP genre is about, I would have liked to see more about the whole system in a simplified form, and how these cohere, essentially including more of the G.O.I role and how this affects the overall Roleplay experience.

You mention some simple but golden rules in your understanding of the SCP-RP ruleset for v6, remember that for v7 these rules will be reviewed again, and potential loopholes will be plugged with help from the player base. I'd encourage you to re-read the rules if you were to be accepted into the staff team, as sure; the rules you mentioned are those that are the most reoccurring, but there are countless rules regarding how different G.O.Is' can act, and how certain jobs can do things. These are also essential for staff members to know so that they can resolve staff sits as quickly and effectively as possible. 

Overall, this was a good application, some lacking parts as I mentioned above, but nothing hysterical. I do not see any issue in giving you an upvote, however, I hope again that if you are accepted, you mind your own mental health over a virtual game. You previously resigned from a staff position for this exact reason, so take things with pace, and best of luck!

Courtesy of Jonas Hoffman, SCP-RP Lead Mentor. X

Current ranks within the Community:

[SCP] Vice-Manager

[SCP]  Lead-Mentor

Previous ranks within the Community:



[SCP] Super-Administrator

[WW2] Super-Administrator 
"Junior-SMT" <- Comm. M. Hendrik Scheppert

[WW2] Lead Group-Manager

[WW2] Lead-Mentor

[WW2] Senior-Event-Planner


[WW2] General der Infanterie
> Chef der Heeresrüstung und Befehlshaber des Ersatzheeres
> Höherer Fliegerkommandeur im Luftkreis-II
> Reichskriegsgericht Ministerialdirektor im OKW

[WW2] Oberst und Stabschef des Wehrkreis-Verwaltungs-Amt III

[WW2] Major und Bataillonsführer des "GD" Bat. 'Berlin'

[WW2] Hauptmann d. Panzergrenadier "GD" Kompanie. 'Bruno'
And all ranks below ...

[WW2] Die Rote Kapelle - (Honourary) Officer

[WW2] Eiserne Front
SoPaDe Mitglied (Honourary) |
Constituency "Oslo"
Eiserne Front Soldat

[SCP] O5 Council Member
> O5-4 "Frost" / "Dawn"

 > O5-5 "The Ordinary Man"

 > O5-6 "The American" 

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