Qas Unban Request

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Server you were banned from?: SCP

Roleplay-Name?: Rick Lee

STEAMID?: STEAM_0:1:240356511

Admin's STEAMID?: STEAM_1:1:432557277

Admin's Name & Rank?: Azazel, Senior Admin at the time.

Evidence of Ban: Discord Invite.

Explanation of why you should be unbanned?: The reasoning of this ban was a follow up of multiple scenarios occuring in a single sitting, the case of this was after being warned for third person abuse, killing someone in a sit and using a discord invite to rage quit the server for good. It has been a good 2 years ever since the events occured and I believe I had learned from said mistakes, the discord link was an invite to a discord server which is pretty harmless to say the least.

Anything else you would like to say on-to your case?: I will probably not be able to even play the server due to my scholarship, however if I'm able to, I would like to be able to join when the server comes out.

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