HOMD Application

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In-Game Name: Gavin O'NealI

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:197868698

Discord Username (Must be in WG SCP-RP Discord):
i_am_confused (currently banned from discord)

Warns & Playtime (Minimum 3 days playtime.): A screenshot of both playtime and warns is required.
Currently perma banned, got like 7 warns I think with like a month of playtime

In-Game Level:
50 (+plat VIP)

Have you read the server rules and understand them clearly?:
Yeah, understand them pretty well now lol

What is the duty of the Manufacturing Department within the Foundation?:
Make ammo and equipment, also being available to do those activities

What is your duty as the Head of the Manufacturing Department?:
Tell the minions (Chinese child labourers) to work harder and get more ammo to MTF, also discipline them if they don't work hard enough or if they don't know their place

Why do you think you'll be a good fit for the Head of Manufacturing?:
I love to boss people around and make 

Where can you find resources to craft items?:
Swear it's just money and the crafting table, but if it is some roleplay scenario more than likely in the warehouse or brought to the warehouse if it needs to be delivered

What would you do if a researcher tried to purchase ammo from you?:
Tell him to fuck off unless it's HOR (or a disguised agent)

What would you do if a GOI member (GOC, UIU, etc) tried to purchase from you?:
Tell them yeah can especially fuck off since they're not a cool guy in the foundation 

I love SCP, please love me back SCP :DDDD
Can't wait to see you all again :DDD

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