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What your suggestion is: when there is a base attack why not turn on the button to give some effect

Scriptfodder/workshop link: N/A its already on the server

Any additional information: I think it would create a more effect when the base is under attack and maybe, when the button is pressed it will sound the alarm and i will also say as a base AI the base is under attack, then the Batt will say to everyone get on defcon 3 or something, in my opinion it just give that extra effect to the server, and idk why we dont use it anymore, but guess was its obnoxious?

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However would only have it on for a certain amount of time

Should be pushed on either Defcon 2 or 1

Should last maybe 30 seconds or so, or if it is Defcon 1 it should last until everyone has evacuated




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Reasons stated above,
It would create an effect of you being in actual battle, however it should not be used for when we are attacked but for when we are evacuating base in a rare scenario of Defcon 1.

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wee woo wee woo very annoying 

dont even want it on defcon 1 only for fun PMEs 

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Just don't make it too loud / last so long

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I think putting it on for half a minute during decon 1 could be call but thats about it so it doesnt get annoying

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I say when Defcon 1 is called the button is clicked, htat would be good to see


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who cares




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While it’s more immersive and atmospherical, if not done correct it would be extremely distracting and annoying. Neutral 

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Maybe at the start of the event for a short amount of time and during defcon 1, but it's kinda ear rape.






Credit to Loki for this.



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+1 Use it at the start of the event or at defcon 1, but turn it down so its not earrape and don't use the Providence siren for the love of god when on Extensive or Providence battle

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This isn't really the sort of suggestion for this part of the forums because Batt/EP can just press the button if they want to. It's not like you can deny nor accept this.


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