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Unwarn Request

My In-Game name: Shepherd, PB

STEAMID: (STEAM_0:1:194840028) (PB:STEAM_0:0:103507068)

Steam Name: EngineerMan, mom (PB)

What is the reason for your Warn: Prop Climb

How long were you banned for: N/A

Name of the staff member who banned you:  Schumacher 

Why do I believe that we should be unwarned:  We were doing some PassiveRP on the Bar roof (on Rishi) when Fluffy's lift was randomly removed there was also a ramped used by PB which someone spawned, but PB was warned for that. So I used the wall to jump onto the secondary roof and then used a box (which I used as I had difficulty, not as it is impossible to get on the roof) and we were warned. PB and I did not get a sit or even just a PM. Our Commander (who is a Senior Admin) said that if we are doing a PassiveRP, then we can do minor prop climbing to get on a wall/roof. We are allowed to use "scaffolding" but that was removed and the box was not necessary anyway. (I do not have scaffolding dupes as i do not much PassiveRP, and neither does PB as they are new to CE and the server).(I was told to add in PBs request on mine, as she is new to the server).


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I was in charge of this PassiveRP, can confirm, they got no sit or anything. PB littarly had to be told by Shepherd she got a warn. To add onto this, JH removed the lift which made them use a prop to get up while I was explaining that we could use them. Warn should be removed as everything was done was minor mistakes (one by a new player who didn't even spawn the prop) as a result of staff actions. Besides that fact also no verbal warning, sit or any way of explaining there actions was offered to them before the warning and they were only informed of the warning by them getting it. After the fact we did get to talk to Lewis but he could not unwarn us and it was more of a cutesy then anything.

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a completely undeserved warn, considering staff such as Toon and super admins in the past have granted the use of props to climb in places not easy to reach in trainings. 

I would understand if there were messy boxes stacked to just make a messy tower but Scaffolding and ramping was used, adding realism to the scenario too.



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I approved of this and the said staff member should have asked beforehand. The build was not there to access any prohibited areas that could have given them any advantage over them, it was there for some passive RP which is common in CE. I cannot stress the importance of actually talking with the person that someone might be ready to warn first, therefore this warn is not only unjustified, but it also reflects a bad picture to other staff members. Prop climb is the use of props to access areas that aren't suppose to be accessed that easily, but in a Commander's meeting it was discussed that CE was indeed allowed to use such builds for passive RP purposes. I would expect a staff member to not only make a staff sit, but to also ask the staff member(s) that allowed this. I am not saying that what he did was wrong, but rather that there was a more efficient way of dealing with it. Mainly a misunderstood situation, but also a simple example as to why staff should never rush to conclusions.


In addition, I would like to point out that I have used similar builds before being a staff member and was never warned once, having permission from staff to continue my passive RP and there were no problems caused by this. 


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Man has Security staff and thinks he is Super Admin
In CE passive RP doing small prop climbs is allowed, and i would trust a Senior Staff member that is also Commander of the regiment of shepherd instead of someone that is not even staff from this server and applies the rules of another server to this one.


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Passive RP would not work if you couldn't prop climb. As long as it doesn't hurt anybody and is not in clear violation of any job rules then letting it slide or at most just a little pm but nothing this major.

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-1 The person who was warned, should have been taken into a sit so he can explain everything. The prop that was used isn't that RP friendly but when I spoke to them I mentioned that and they understood. They wouldn't of ever needed to use the props if the elevator didn't get removed but that doesn't allow them to prop climb. The bar has a wall next to it and you can easily jump from the wall to the roof. Also It doesn't really help when some of the members in the Passive RP training are quite toxic towards you when you are trying to fix the situation.

I edited this comment after further thinking into what happened.

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-1 Schumacher Confirmed with staff in the channel didnt just rush a warn. If you are RP Climbing build scaffolding or an elevator not a mess of props.

Im sick of that fact that someone isnt starwars they have no commonsense according to the players. 

It sets a presedent that if you break rule you can blame it on rp and its not valid if a non server staff warns them. 

Or we can all barrel build up to atc tower due to ct Climbing training for quick respone stimulation.

TLDR: take the warn, Think next time. Stop being retards because you cant take someone else not swrp staff warning you


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Fcrice said it perfectly


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who cares




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+ 1 

The passive RP was interesting and I would like to see CE do more like this. And this warn may negativity effect CEs motivation to do fun things, which will make their regiment not as fun to play.

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Blaster already said everything in his comment.

Edit: Fcrice's comment perfectly shows the german way of staffing a RP Server (I mean I only saw it on german servers, but obviously I am wrong). Not thinking logically but taking the rules literally, because what the rules say are the only thing right.

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The Security Staff Schumacher took the correct steps to warn in relation
to the SWRP rules established and it was not a 'Nazi' mindset as some of you seem 
to believe for some reason.

I will remind everyone that the use of spawning random individual props to get to a location (regardless of where it is or the reason) is considered prop climbing

The warn/warns are valid and as such will remain

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