Zeref`s 4th Battalion Application

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Steam Name: Zeref


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:114273258


Current rank on the server: Event Planner


Age: 14


What is your playtime: (1 Week - Minimum) 12w 


Do you have a microphone, is it good quality:  I have a microphone with a pretty good quality



Have you read and looked through the Battalion Handbook: Yes


Do you meet the requirements: yes


Quick summary about you:  I have been in the community for over a year. In the community i am known as Zeref. I usually spend my free time playing video games like garry's mod, CS GO, league of legends. I currently live in sweden and going to school. I enjoy playing this server and have been doing for over a year now. i usually spend around 6H a day on garrys mod every day. I have dyslexia which i am sure many people are aware about because of my Terrible spelling.

In Character Section -


In-Game name: (Regiment, Rank and then your name) Jedi Consular Barriss Offee


Highest rank obtained:  Trail SMO (Trail EXO)


What current rank do you have: Consular


What is your current regiment: Jedi


What should we pick you for Battalion: You should pick me for battalion because i am an very active player and also a confident one. You should also pick me because i am aware of the responsibilities of battalion. You should also pick me Because i am a hardworking Player.You should also pick me because of the fact that I am able to be on very early Hours were not many players are on the server. You should also pick me because i am willing to adapt to the situations when it's needed. You should also pick me because i have experience with what every regiment dose due to the fact i have been in majority of them and have played over a year on the server which have given me plenty of time to learn what they do i also now where they are effective and what their strengths are. You should also pick me because i am willing to listen to criticism and feedback and learn from it and improve on it. You should also pick me because I am  Serious when the situation requires it. You should also pick me because over the year i have played on the server i have learned a lot of leadership skills 

Describe the roles and responsibilities of Battalion:   The role of battalion is to Grant and deny requests made by clones and jedi on base when there is no events. Ther duties are also to lead the base during events. on top of this their duties are to make sure their supervising regiment is doing good and that the hierarchy is doing their job. They should also be doing trainings open ones and ones with their regiments. They are also in charge of sending people (NCO+) to train Cadets when they are in need of trainings. They should also be behaving in a good and professional way and not be minging around on the base.

Have you ever been demoted, banned or kicked: (If so, explain why) I was once banned for LTARP when i was new to the server

Do you understand that Battalion is a very respectable and disciplined rank: yes i fully understand that


What do Battalion do during Combat, when they are not leading? (IN DETAIL) They stick to their assigned regiment or the regiment they are supervising when you are 2nd lt+. They should also not run into enemy's head in and should value their lives. They should also be enforcing the leading battalions order in the front lines,

What are the 3 duties a Battalion Officer Cadet has to complete before getting promoted as part of his mentoring session?

Lead an base attack

call and do a debrief successfully

Do a training with faces, formations and questions(basic training)


What is the job of the Co-Leader during events?   Ther job is to help the leader by granting and denying small requests. they should also help the leader whit making big decisions.

Anything else: N/A


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- Very Active / Trusted (EP)

- Friendly and dedicated member of the community

- Has played and been a lot of different Ranks (ARC / 74th, Blade warrior, Consular)

- Has matured and feel he is now fit for the Role

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Change to -1

Yet to show competence as high ranking clone

Had problems with hierarchy last time in 74th

Haven't played Clone in awhile

Trustworthy EP

long time player

just don't think you would be good Battalion too toxic

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From what I've seen, you were extremely toxic in 74th and made everyone around you really unhappy, then left and blamed it all on the regiment not treating you properly? Even though you treated everyone around you quite poorly..? 
But since then I'm not sure if you've improved. I really hope you have.
Your 4th time applying so you're definitely dedicated into getting in. 
Playtime is pretty damn long. 
Overall: Neutral.

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Obviously dedicated.

Has good leadership skills from what ive seen in jedi

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Your amazing at making events and very trustworthing in that regard. This also includes preforming great as a clone in the past. I think that is very much shown by getting ARC almost instantly.

My only issue about this is that people are claiming that you are toxic. Ive seen small amounts of this put ive seen worse people and another issue is the things which happened in 74th. I dont know anything but from what I heard it was a shit show.

I should say good app and I wish you Luck


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The fact that this is your 4th app shows your commitment to this role and you are definitely extremely competent from what I've seen from you as a Jedi as well as EP as well as being able to acheive ARC.

However a large number of people have been commenting on your toxicity and bringing up your troubles with 74th. Additionally, you haven't been clone for a while and are currently a CT TRP. Whilst its not too big of a deal, it'll mean you'll have to manage Jedi, Batt and EP all at once which may not be ideal. Like i said its not too big of a deal though and if you think that you can manage to balance it all then thats fine.

GL on your app anyway.

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I had heard people speak negatively about Zeref and when he joined Jedi I was hesitant to believe he would succeed, but in my interactions with him he has shown competence in his roles as EP and Jedi, shown dedication to the server, and been an all around  decent guy. I'm not sure what he was like in the past, but in my opinion he would be a great fit for Battalion.


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As you can see from the many replies above you have branded yourself and through the way you have acted towards others as a very toxic person. This could be just because of your young age. I don't know what happened in 74th either but I know the rest of 74th and can't imagine they were to blame for what happened. In this case it was more recent than that of your opposing applicant's. 

As a current battalion member you treat us relatively poorly and provide the absolute minimal communication making it difficult and not fun to lead your events. You may be great in Jedi from what I am seeing but it was not so long ago you were a clone. Also I think you probably need more leading experience therefore I am leaning towards the -1 side. You may have future potential however so keep improving yourself for better chances in my opinion.


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I don't think, from what has been said above, that your in a position to have such a responsibility bestowed upon you. Your actions have consequences, as I have personally experienced, and paint a picture for people that don't really know you or interact with you, but also tell a person what kind of a character you are. As of now, from what people are saying above, you are not ready for this. Toxicity is something that must be avoided and you must learn to respect everyone and take responsibility for actions you commit. 

Having said all of this. You are clearly dedicated to the server. Your a great EP and if you give it some time and make sure you work on your problems regarding your toxic behavior people have spoken about, you will by no faults be a candidate for Battalion! 

Also I think it would be very hard to manage 3 things at once, clone, EP and jedi. 

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Your past shows that you were very toxic to the point where 74th Hierarchy had to step in and nearly RC Hierarchy as well(cuz you were an ARC), from what has happend betwen you and Eathan.

But you are a trusth worthy player and a EP but still.

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+1, I think he deserves a shot at battalion.

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Constantly got complaints about him thinking he was superior to everyone and above other SOs because he was an ARC member, was also told that he used RC Hierarchy as a "meat shield" to shrug off any complaints about him rather than dealing with it himself. From what I heard from other 74th he was also a very toxic member when in that regiment.

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