Possible ABS Replacement/New Job Idea Detainment Droid

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What your suggestion is: A new job or replacement for ABS/BS called detainment droid. Which can be used like CG when there lack of CG present.

Scriptfodder/workshop link:n/a I couldn’t find any good models

Any additional information: The detainment droids would be like medical droids but for CG. Detainment droids would be whitelisted and to join you would have to ask CG hierarchy when your SO+ for a introduction  they would be brig trained so that they can actually make arrests. This also be a replacement for ABS/BS as they are hardly ever used for the right purpose and if the job is added there would be no reason to keep them as they are only played to use elastic restraints. Detainment Droids would not play in events just for when no CG or CG need assistance with arrests. Their load out would be stun stick, elastic restraints , cuffs and stun gun. There are some police/detainment droids in lore called GU-Series Guardian Police Droids they are used as peacekeepers enforcing laws on planets like crouscant.
Note: I don’t know that much about CG myself

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+1 now for me this would be amazing i stay on very late night when no CG are on because of that a lot of people break the rules and i have to arrest everyone myself because of this i always have to bug someone like solaire to put in the arrest reports for me and when i only have cuffs its hard to catch someone if the is no one with s stun blaster on

Also you could use this model maybe

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It was suggested before.

Was already denied so yeah 



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