SIM job changes

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What your suggestion is:

1-Add a new sim job which will be a medic  

2-increasing Heavy sim job's HP to 1500

Scriptfodder/workshop link: already in game

Any additional information:

1-The job will be just like the sim trooper, only thing is that he will be givin a medkit as it kinda make sense to add these type of jobs, also maybe a stim shot with it if needed?






1250 HP

2-It will make sense to buff the base HP to 1500 as the job is a heavy trooper afterall.


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-1 Staff can easily do these. One thing I can say is perhaps just need new models to save constant modelling. 

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Ngl, I would quite like to see this kind of job on the SIM Teams. The model packs made by Hevy and Navas have an additional model which currently isn't in use which could be used for that job. Obviously the equipment would have to be discussed so +1

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+1 would be nice to see this

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4 hours ago, Blaster said:

I don't see anything negative coming out of this, but you rarely see medkits being used in SIMs. Plus staff can just give them if asked.

True but then you need to ask staff to give them the medkits everytime they die

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Staff can just give extra equipment which SIMTRP don't spawn with.

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