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Name: Brad Jack

Forum Name: Berkoham WG


Current Gametime: 4D 15H

SteamID: 76561198364697106

How many warns/bans have you had?(Screenshot of warns) 1237018161_GarrysMod9_12_20202_06_28PM.thumb.png.c8ccb56a3e3fc5d923c0ddface6fd8c2.png

Have you read all of the SCP server rules if not Link is here:

IN GAME SECTION(Word Count required has to be 100 words or more for each question) 


Can you explain what MTF-E11 is? they are a special force in the foundation known as the "nine-tailed fox". They are intensely trained to contain SCP breaches or capture SCP's. They are oversized my the alpha-1(red right hand)their purpose is to deal with the security of the foundation when standard protocols fails and several Euclid and Keter class SCPs breaches occurs. Not only do they recontain but when for example SCP 008-1 is exposed to a human they could kill SCP 008-2. When a SCP breaches from comms a high command says if the SCP should contained or terminated. So basically in summary E-11 recontains, contains, and terminates SCP's. they are valuable to the foundation. (also nu-7 can help with the contains and terminations).

In full detail can you tell us what E-11 is specifically tasked with in SCP? MTF E-11 is tasked with the recontainment of SCPs that have breached their containment chambers. Not only do they recontain they even neutralize any type of instance of an SCP for example someone has been exposed to the prion of SCP-008 and transforms to SCP-008-2. MTF E-11 will handle it by terminating that instance. When MTF E-11 gets the information through comms of an SCP has been breached they will hurry up to that specific area that the SCP is located and deal with it by either recontaining it or terminating depending on which SCP it is and orders by high command.They make sure that the internal security is safe when it comes to SCP breaches.

Explain some examples of how to recontain any of the SCPs currently on the server? ok

SCP-049 Euclid we use a harpoon near SCP-049 its scared of harpoons. he cant resist. use the harpoon on him then lead him to his CC

SCP-106 Keter We have to get a D-class to put in SCP-106 CC and tie him up in a chair while the electro magnetic is on. After that, we will open the sound transmission to the whole foundation and break his femur. that will lure SCP-106 back to his CC  then put the electromagnetic on when he is inside.

SCP-682 Keter E-11 (also nu-7) should locate 682 alert people in comms and eliminate him

Why do you believe that you should be apart of MTF-E11 and what you can bring to the job? Because usually (not always like 24/7) on the server active ass E-11 i can be a good leader of E-11 but i cant be commander because i have to be whitelisted. I do a lot of commanding so i have a bit of experience (as SD). I contain a lot of SCP with E-11 help, But usually, that's hard because I'm not the leader. and I can't tell if somebody is Ci or coordinate E-11 cus I'm not the commander. Lastly have good combat skills and a bit of lore knowledge but no the best lore I'm still pretty good.


plus i love SCP

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