Shin Dowa reports Xunt

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Your name in-game: Shin Dowa
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:66653855
Admin's you report name: Xunt
Admin's you report SteamID: STEAM_0:1:229514442
Why do you want him demoted?: Removing Nu7 NCO White list and demoting me for no reason.


So basically I was Nu7 NCO at the time and was before GA with few units and the CO cause we were getting raided constantly and there were some suspects in Subway. Suddenly the SD(Xunt) and one security guard as SDs personal guard came there.

We told him he cant go outside right now and asked him to go back and without giving us a reason why he wants to go on surface, he opened GA and entered with the guard. We told him security guards cant go to surface to which he replied he gave him permission as SD to be his guard, which is ok but still doesnt exlcude him from going to surface.

We told them multiple times to turn around cause we have suspects at blue door but he ignored us totally, saying he is the SD and we have no power to tell him what to do. After totally ignoring us he opened the blue door and we were exposed to the people outside. One of them was a reporter which took photos of the Nu7 units, the SD and the guard(who has SCP logo on him). The guard was also talking about that we are the " SCP foundation". We tried to contain the situation and close the door but the SD still tried to go on surface. While this was going on, the suspects outside managed to pull guns out and throw gas nades inside. This resulted in death of few Nu7 units. 

After pulling back with 1% hp I arrested the SD for breaking the foundation laws and tried to get him to EZ cells and explain my arrest there. Xunt didnt like this and told me that if I dont release him he is gonna remove my WL and I said "sure go on then, I have a reason for arrest". After arriving to GG he removed my WL and moved me to D class. 

After asking why, he said Nu7 cant order non Nu7 around and that SD is basically higher than Nu7. Which is true and I cant order people around. But iam able to enforce Foundation laws which he as SD broke. He always could call some A1 or O1 units to arrest me if he thought it was a false arrest since I didnt strip his comms and we could have dealt with the situation in RP. 

I think removing WL and demoting was way too unnecessary.

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Xunt is very corrupt, He was on earlier today with his buddy RDMing a lot of people for not showing their ID, Then he goes and demotes an Nu 7 for merely doing his Job as the SD was endangering his life and about to expose the foundation. This is not the first time Xunt has done something like this either, he is a constant minge and has always went over the edge and pushed boundaries. Earlier today the HOS ordered the arrest of an A1, a fellow CL4 member, we stopped and asked him why but him and his mate shot us which resulted in the deaths of several foundation staff. Overall with this of removing an Nu 7s whitelist for merely following the law and doing his duty is completely unacceptable from the Server Manager and this should not be tolerated at all.


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Let us be honest if this was the entire thing I believe that there would be a bigger outcry. The evidence doesnt show anything so it will be words against words unless xunt comes out with it or confirms the story himself, until that happens I will be leaving it as a - 1 and a reminder that the all powerful being known as SMT is hard to bring down, some say impossible. 

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I will post screenshots of what I saw and how I personally interpreted the situation, basically you went up to blue door with a single Security guard while an imminent raid was inbound, Nu-7 told you to literally move back not only because they didn't want you to go to the surface but also for your own safety. You opened blue door which got several Nu-7's killed in the process and even almost yourself. What I personally don't understand is why you were laughing during the incident, you went back into Gate-A but instead of retreating you were simply watching the raid happening a good five-metres in front of you. As a Site Director you are supposed to value your own life especially as the highest ranking member on. While I do believe arresting you wouldn't of been the way to go about it I do not believe that stripping his WL was the necessary thing to do also, Shin Dowa is an actual good Nu-7 unit and he's an NCO for a reason.






 Merely my opinion and perspective of this





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I can't agree more with Shin Xunt abused his power rather than getting out of the situation by RPing like he should have done in the start. Arresting the SD for breaching the veil of secrecy is a VERY Valid reason to arrest him. So shin was in the right here. altho i wasnt there during much of the situation. But one thing for sure is that he shouldn't have changed Shin to Class D to evade RP because he was arrested.

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Countless pings in the Nu-7 Discord telling Nu-7 not to order around non Nu-7 Units and to stop acting like they run the site. Then an Nu-7 NCO arrests the Site Director for checking out defenses/builds around Subway and MT.

Would like to point out I was trying to explain this to you but you kept saying "funny man can't go to surface" instead of actually listening or explaining anything, this took about 5 minutes before CI attacked.

Given the numerous pings telling Nu-7 to stop doing shit like this, a few of which were from today I have made the decision to just start removing Nu-7 WLs from people who ignore clear instructions. Abolutely sick of Nu-7 acting like they are in charge because they have a rank in Nu-7, this is how Beta-1/Alpha-1 used to act but much much worse.


Not even going to dignify Bob's joke of a paragraph with a reponse.

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