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What your suggestion is: Adding the RM job's models to the RRM job. Wanna be able to use the models from the RM job while using the epic equipment of the RRM job.

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Neutral same as blaster

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Neutral. A lot of people use the rm and rrm jobs to minge (what a surprise) and you want to be able to differentiate which ones are which and not accidentally get an rm in trouble when it was an rrm's fault

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I could see this working if they switch some of the models over, taking some models from RM and giving them to RRM.
Other than that, same as everyone else. Keep them distinguishable. 

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I believe myself that you should be able to distinguish  the two apart otherwise thats like buying a jedi general and still looking like a Knight. If you buy something like RRM than it should be diffrent then the other


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