Nathan Kennedy

If you could join the community again with an absolute fresh start and a clean slate, would you do it? Why?/ Why not?

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I definately would. Im sick of people pointing out that im either mad, or toxic, hell or even the fact that im autistic (*cough* my first SCPRP staff app *cough*). The fact people were pointing out my past, sticking out like a sore thumb, got me into quite the trouble on Werewolf's CWRP 2 years ago. No wonder im blacklisted from CE now. As for SCPRP, its probally the best werewolf server here of all the ones they have, yet its still hard to play certain jobs without being called out as lazy or toxic, and without being falsely accused of things i didnt do and get yelled at for it.

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no, im too sexy to start over

insert all my fucking wls here so i can prove i have worth in life


Earlier today I was really horny, and I saw what I thought to be a blank dvd. I thought, DVDs have a tight hole, they might feel pretty good. So I put my soft pp into the hole of the DVD, and for a few seconds as I started getting harder, it felt pretty good, but then, once I was fully erect, it started being painful. My pp was stuck in the dvd, and I had to break it in half to get if out. It was then when I flipped the broken dvd over and realized that it was not a blank dvd, but a copy of the movie UP. Well guys, guess I fucked up.

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No, I would not even tho I did big dumb in my past on the server like Captona (nothing against Captona it was a funny time) or all the other retarded and mingy stuff I did. And even if it's very hard for me to get them WLs now because of my 15 warns and the history of mine. I would still stay good old Walter because of the people that I met like Bango or Lorex. I like playing and RPing with them. So yea Walter is staying.

But still I'm some times thinking what it would be like if I would start all over again.

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i would because i keep getting warned for stun stick abuse like wtf half of them are for stupid ass reasons and i cant get any wl anymore

also cause i made a bunch of mistakes which fucked my early on reputation, took me a while to get some recognition as not a retard

would be sad to see my 8 ish weeks go though, but after you get 1w playtime just becomes bragging rights and gives no real benefit

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