Archer's Fifth Battalion Application [ Lets Hope this works]

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Out of Character Section -

Steam Name: Ellis4149

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:431238619

Current rank on the server: CE Colonel

Age: 14

What is your playtime: 15 Weeks 

Do you have a microphone, is it good quality: Yes [It is finally good]

Have you read and looked through the Battalion Handbook: Yes, I read it regularly 

Do you meet the requirements: Yes i do Meet the Requirements to join Battalion

Quick summary about you: (70 Words - Minimum)
Hello my Name is Ellis, Im a English Kid [Bet you didn't see that Coming 🙂 ] , I grew up in a Primary Mainstream School that was basically a Prison and still is Today,
When i Reached Secondary i was able to get School Council that Year But we did about Nothing because we are all just Autistic, When Reaching Year 8 i entered the Schools Digital Leader Group [Basically Retards that get a Special Rank] 
After Being Digital Leader for about a Year i was Promoted to Senior Digital leader witch was Just Filling Printers and Fixing Teachers Laptops. 
Before Playing GMOD SWRP, I use to play a Sandbox Survival Known as Space Engineers Where you would build ships/Mine [Basically Minecraft with Physics] And i still play this Game after Learning Many New Skills while Playing with Other Players
In Combat and Building.

That's When Covid Hit and I sadly Made me Play SWRP 12 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 
Making Both my Time in the Server Skyrocket. While Joining CE on April 15 of this Year [3 Days after My Birthday] Gaining My Rank with Fast Pase . Me And Cwright [EX BOC] Was Basically Rank Buddy until 2nd LT, When Getting Corporeal in CE, 
i had a lot of Bad CC Trainings But got better when i Reach SGT, While i was Frozen at SGTM for a While i got Interested in Battalion due to their Pronouncing Role, Working Through the CO Ranks with my Diverse Training of Story Breaching and Accuracy, 
Once making it to CPT Where i was Stuck due to the Amount of Good SO [Like Delta, Navas, Kobi, Pixel and Donny], Watching Cwright, Pixel and Delta Be Battalion was Amazing seeing CE Become Battalion. Seeing those two CE I knew so Well Become Battalion was a Massive Inspiration to Apply . 
Once i Made it to MJR I made a Terrible Mistake and Gassed a Friendly witch im Immensely Sorry About. After my Terrible Mistake i slowly Made it to LT-COL Where i Improved my Performance Massively, I packed up my Silly Behaviour and Worked hard to Reach COL and Too Make Good Trainings . 
This is Also when Covid was still Spreading at a Fast Rate. Due to My Great Effort in Reviteling my Behaviour i was able to be Unblacklisted from Event Character [Witch was Brilliant and Really Helped] . During my Many Months at Colonel i have had Many Chances at Being Temp EXO and Trial EXO after Many Good SO Left [I Don't forgive Billy for Leaving] . 

I know my Two Warns Recently has not Been Good for my Performance but i do Hope that these Two Warns wont Effect my Application to Much as i vow to Not get Warned Again [Now that's a Hard One],

In Character Section

-In-Game name: Combat Engineers, Colonel

Highest rank obtained: CE Trial/Temp EXO

What current rank do you have: Colonel

What is your current regiment: Combat Engineers

What should we pick you for Battalion: (200 Words - Minimum)

I believe i Should one of Two New Battalion Officer Cadets due to my Prolonging Time within the SWRP Server Aswell as my Continued Determination to Complete my Minimums and Advance my Rank and My Behaviour within CE and Other Jobs. Me being a SDL [Senior Digital Leader] 
[Basically I was good with Tech] Within my School being able to be Trusted to have one of the Schools Staff Cards [Because every Door is Locked] , Being also Trusted enough to do Complex Tasks on mine own,
Aswell as i believe I Responsible and Whole Hearted to lead Many Regiments in a Heated Battle Zone Aswell as Help those that would Need Help in Many Subjects.

I also Believe i am a Worthy Candidate as I have Applied Many times Before and I've Fell like im Always Capable of Leading in Stressful Positions Aswell as Passive Settings, 
While Being in CE I have held a Wide Array Of Trainings that i believe will advance the Clones Brain if is Made into a Open Sim and That People Come
and i have a long Time in CE allows me to Know how the Backlines Works and My Frequent Times in the 501st Channel and Super trooper allow me to Analyse Frontline Tactics, 
I will Countine to Analyse these Through my Application Time, I also Have Advanced Tactics from when i watch them when i get Bummed as EC due to my Gold EC Partipation Medal
I believe Hearty that im Possibly a Good Candidate, But there is Plenty More Better than Me and I understand that, 
But Hopefully im Successful if im not I will Probably Try again. And to all the Others Applying I hope you do Good

Describe the roles and responsibilities of Battalion: (100 Words - Minimum) 

The role of Battalion is Too Keep the Base in Shape, By Doing Both Regular Trainings that Would Go around the Training Spectrum But Aswell too put Regiments on Wall Duty 
to make Sure Regiments are Doing Stuff even if its Passive.
But Battalion must Make sure Cadets are Being Trained at Maximum Efficiency. Battalion are Also Suppose to Grant And Deny Incoming Requests for Take off and Claiming TR's, 
Battalion are to uphold a High Standard of Behaviour While on Job. 
Battalion is a Highly Respected Role and is to be Strict with their Orders and Make sure Every Clone on Base is Acting with Rules and If they Break the Rules to deal with that Clone/Personnel in the Correct Manner, 
If that is Laps or Brig Time.

Have you ever been demoted, banned or kicked: I've never been Banned, I've been kicked for being AFK While server Full, Only demoted
from Jedi for being Inactive 

Do you understand that Battalion is a very respectable and disciplined rank:

Yes i Completely Understand that Battalion is a Highly
Respected Rank and If i minge in the Job or VIP Jobs i Could either Fail my Trial Period or Get a Strike or Demotion.

What do Battalion do during Combat, when they are not leading? (IN DETAIL)

When Battalion are Not Leading the Event [If there Not Leader or Co-Lead] Their role would be to Assist Their Regiment or 
Just Any Regiment In General But Normally the One they Supervise due to Most Battalion having 1 of their Equipment Per The Event
[2 Pieces if BCMDR+]
Battalion should Directly Lead their Regiment But Instead give Advice or Help them Push or Defend [Depending on the Regiment] They Also Give Good Real Time Information to the Leading Battalion on the Current Battlefield while they are in TS.
 They Should also Not Be at the Frontlines and Should stay With Groups so they arnt Killed.

What are the 3 duties a Battalion Officer Cadet has to complete before getting promoted as part of his mentoring session?

For a Battalion Officer Cadet has to Complete this in his Mentoring Session:

- Do a Training With Faces, Formations and Questions [ Basically Mando or Basic Training]
- Successfully Lead a Event Using Advert
- Call and Do A Debrief [so Explain How it Went]

To Get Promoted to Battalion Officer Where they have to do: [Unneeded Info Section]

-  Lead a Event With Voice Amp
-  Lead a Planetary
-  Do a Open Sim

To Get Promoted to Batt 2ndlt,

What is the job of the Co-Leader during events?

The Job of Co Leader is to Assist the Leader in Grants and Denys, Aswell to Replace the Main Leader if They Crash or Have to Go Unexpectly.
The Co Leader Should be in the Same TS as the Leader so they Designate Tactics Together to make sure all Pushes/Defences are as Effective As Possible, 
The Co Leader should always be Picked before a Base Attack Starts so Everything Run as Smooth as Possible

Anything else: SWRP,  This might be the Last time i Apply, I have also now reached the Same Amount of Applications of Zeref

Edited by Archer
Updated to be Better at Explaining and Fixing some Error Mistakes

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Active and achieved a good rank. Has been a Colonel for a good while and showed his dedication to join battalion in many ways. Good application however it's 2 pages long (mostly because of the summary about you)

Good luck!

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-No one cares




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He has shown his maturity and how well he can perform. He has been an SO for a while and he has shown some dedication. He did a good application with alot of good info.

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Shown dedication to wanting the role, was tempted to go neutral purely because of how fucking big that summary was but suppose it doesnt say a maximum lol.

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+1 guy has shown dedication to being battalion so give it a shot

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Really active

Long time player

Has applied a million times before, surely has the spirit to do well in battalion

Can also actually fly out of all the CE

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Has been a member of the community longer than some current high ranks and despite his age, shows exceptional maturity. Seems very confident and would be a great leader given enough training and time, could make a great member of battalion if given a chance.


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Really good playtime and the remaining reasons are stated above and theres nothing left to be said. Good luck on everything :))

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Has improved a lot in recent times
Great Member of CE
Amazing Application
Shows he would definitely like a place in Battalion 

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Nice guy who has been colonel for a very long time

Known him for ages and have only ever had good experiences

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Mostly know you for your questionable piloting skills. 
But I have seen you on the server for quite a while, compared to other people.
You seem to be mature and also doing well within your own respected regiment.


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Battalion Command has decided that you aren't currently fit for the position of Battalion. 

You may re-apply in 2 weeks.


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